St. Valentine's Day Cinnamon Rolls

The following guest post was submitted by Lacy from Catholic Icing. Thank you Lacy!

As most people on this planet know quite well, St. Valentine's most popular symbol is the heart given that he is the patron saint of love, married couples, engaged couples, etc. Here is an easy breakfast treat we made for celebrating the feast day of St. Valentine!

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls! :-)

What you need:
One can of instant cinnamon rolls
red food coloring (optional)

Take each pre-sliced cinnamon roll, and unroll it. Then, roll from both ends until it meets in the middle. Pinch the bottom for the "point" of the heart, and then bake as usual.

To add a little more fun, tint your icing pink with some food coloring and put it in a sandwich bag so you can squeeze it on in a heart shape!

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  1. Lovely, and SO EASY! I'm going to do these. Thanks!!

  2. I have a award for Catholic Cuisine over at

    Fabulous cinnamon rolls, I can't wait to make them!