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Meet Jessica
Founder and Administrator of Catholic Cuisine

Hi!  I'm Jessica, a Catholic wife and home educating mother of seven who loves finding beautiful & creative ways to incorporate the Catholic faith in the home - the "Domestic Church!"

You can visit my other blog at Shower of Roses.

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Meet Barbara

"God is good. I am a Catholic wife of 25 years and mother to four children, ages nine to 21. I spend my days cooking and cleaning for my beautiful children and I am teacher to two of them. What more can I ask for? Just God's grace."

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Meet Charlotte

"Roman Catholic homeschooling mom to five amazing children here on earth and two born into Heaven, not to mention, wife to a wonderful man who makes me laugh and keeps me sane!"

Visit Charlotte's blog Waltzing Matilda and her Etsy shop Waltzing Matilda Makes.

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Meet Jennifer Gregory Miller

"My name is Jennifer Gregory Miller. With my husband, we strive to live out the Liturgical Year in our Domestic Church…and the Liturgical Year reflects all our daily events, whether it be a birthday, Baptism, nameday, Feast day, Sunday, a new liturgical season, weekday family dinner, or a snuggle with a book and our two sons. We make the Liturgical Year come alive in our home mainly through reading living books, food, and music, particularly Gregorian Chant. 

Our home education reflects living our Faith and a living education, particularly through Charlotte Mason’s methods. In all things we say “Benedicite, omnia opera Domini, Domino” (O all ye works of the Lord, bless ye the Lord)."

Visit Jennifer at Family in Feast and Feria and Catholic Culture Liturgical Year Blog.
  Jennifer is also a contributor at First Heralds and O Night Divine.

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Meet Mary

"I am a life-long Catholic and a current homeschooling mother. My husband and I have 4 terrific kids; one in college, one in highschool and two of elementary age. We are eclectic homeschoolers with a bit of Charolotte Mason, a bit of unit study, a bit of unschooling, a bit traditional. My interests include Catholic apologetics, celebrating the Liturgical Year, reading, science & nature, rubberstamping, beading and all other crafts!"

Visit Mary at Our Domestic Church.

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Meet Tiffany

"We are a Roman Catholic Family and Warriors for Christ. We are imperfect but we begin and end our days at the foot of the cross. We try to put our faith in God first. By first loving Him, we can only hope to love one another more perfectly. God has graced my husband and I with 5 beautiful earthly children and one smiling down from heaven. As a wife and mother, I spend my days home educating and trying the best I can to cherish my vocation and improve our domestic church. Life is a work in progress! My mission through blogging is to share faith, hope and love."

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Past Catholic Cuisine Contributors include:

Amy from Knit Together. Scroll through posts written by Amy.

Anne from Under Her Starry Mantle. Scroll through posts written by Anne.

Eileen from Eileen on Him... At least I try! Scroll through posts written by Eileen.

Highlander and Islander from Hi Cookery. Scroll through posts written by Hi Cookery.

Jamie from Lord, Make me a Saint. Scroll through posts written by Jamie.

Jennifer from Wildflowers and Marbles. Scroll through posts written by Jenmack.

Kelly from The Careless Catholic. Scroll through posts written by Kelly.

Lena from JOYfilled Family. Scroll through posts written by Lena.

Mary Ellen from Bonny Blue House. Scroll through posts written by Mary Ellen.

Robina from Motherly Loving. Scroll through posts written by Robina.

Ruth at Just Another Day in Paradise. Scroll through posts written by Ruth.

Sarah Mackenzie from Amongst Lovely Things. Scroll through posts written by Sarah.

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