Monday, February 8, 2010

St. Josephine Bakhita

We studied St. Josephine Bakhita a few years ago and enjoyed trying a traditional Sudanese tea and dessert at that time. Since my daughter chose St. Josephine for her Confirmation Saint, we now have a wonderful reason to celebrate her feast day every year.

There are a couple of different ideas you could pull from to celebrate this beautiful woman who knew the chains of slavery and the freedom of faith. She was born in Sudan in 1869 and died in a little town in Northern Italy named Schio.

To honor her birth country, you might consider some African foods, or just your regular fare but with a change of venue. A traditional Sudanese meal would be eaten on pillows around a low table. We like to use our coffee table! A small glass of fruit juice is offered to the guests who have traveled to show that they are welcome after their journey. Dinner begins with a soup course which is followed by the main course served on one large tray. The main course is usually eaten with flat bread. No utensils are offered as the entree is expected to be sopped up with the bread.

For dessert, Creme Caramela (also known as flan) is a tasty traditional treat. I am using a box mix this year (Jell-O Flan), but hope to try this recipe soon. (Pictures later.)

You can make your own cinnamon infused tea with regular black tea and cinnamon sticks if you don't have any Twinings Herbal Revive Cinnamon Tea on hand. (BTW... If you are off caffeine or prone to anxiety, you might want to stick with the cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon in high concentration can stimulate the nervous system just like caffeine.)

Another idea for celebrating St. Josephine is to honor the country that gave her the freedom she had long been denied. When she was purchased by an Italian Consul named Callisto Legnani, St. Josephine's life changed. She experienced kindness, cordiality, love and ultimately freedom. Any Italian dish will do to honor the country that gave St. Josephine her first Sacraments and a home. It still might be fun to eat dinner on pillows instead of chairs!

St. Josephine Bakhita, Mother "Moretta" and African flower, pray for us! Pin It


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