Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Memorial of St. Jerome, September 30

This is a busy week for popular feastdays, but I didn't want the memorial of St. Jerome to fall by the wayside. St. Jerome is a Doctor and Father of the Church, a very important saint in our Church history. He is most remembered for his translation of the Bible into the Latin Vulgate, which is still used today. His patronage list is more bookish in nature: archeologists, archivists, Bible scholars, librarians, students, and translators.

From My Nameday Come for Dessert by Helen McLoughlin:
Father: This is the faithful and wise servant whom the Lord has set over His household.

All: His posterity shall be mighty upon the earth; the righteous
generation shall be blessed.

Father: Let us pray. O God, may blessed Jerome intercede for us in
heaven as he once instructed Your faithful on earth and directed them in the way of eternal salvation. Through Christ, our Lord.

All: Amen. Christ conquers, Christ reigns!
The symbols of St. Jerome include a lion, a skull, and a book or scroll would also be appropriate.

As we're reading Margaret Hodges St. Jerome and the Lion and also Rummer Godden's book by the same title, lions will be roaring today. The cute lion cupcakes for St. Mark's feast day would be perfect for this feast. I think I can transform Devil's Food Cupcakes into a few lions.

My Nameday, Come for Dessert also mentioned making a lion cake for this feast. Her idea is based on the Cut-Up Cakes from Baker's Coconut, which I mentioned previously on St. Mark's feast day.

Book Cakes are also appropriate for Doctors and Fathers of the Church (for their writings), and Genoise Book Cake is a delicious sponge cake recipe. One could also use cake pans in the shape of a book. The white chocolate cake used for St. Gregory the Great can also be used for other book cake inspiration.

As far as the skull symbolism, you might not have time today, but it's a good reminder to order the materials to make Mexican Sugar Skulls for the Day of the Dead (All Souls Day) feasting, since it's in one month. Our family personally can't make these, unless someone has a substitute for meringue powder and egg whites. That is the glue to hold the sugar together, so it's indispensable. Please leave a comment if you know another way that we can avoid egg and still make those fabulous sugar skulls!

Enjoy the feast of St. Jerome. Think of him today and read a bit of Scripture, write those overdue thank-you notes or write a letter to a far-away friend.

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  1. Last night as I was looking at all our leftover Devil's Food cupcakes, the same thought came to mind. :) I will be serving (rather dark) lion cupcakes to my children this afternoon as we read St. Jerome and the lion as well!

    This is such a great week, filled with so many of our favorite saints to celebrate!

  2. They are great little cup cake ideas for St Jerome!

  3. Thanks for linking the cupcakes - I had tagged them for St. Jerome, too.

    St. Jerome is a patron of our oldest and of my fil, so like having ideas for the feast. Thanks, Jenn.