Thursday, September 4, 2008

From Thy Bounty Fairs - Autumn Edition

We are pleased to announce a series of From Thy Bounty Fairs highlighting the fall feasts and fruits of the harvest hosted here at Catholic Cuisine. Please join us – we look forward to your participation and sharing.

The months of August, September, October and November are part of the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere, and as Christians we recall God's constant protection over his people and give thanksgiving for the year's harvest. So in a special way that theme of harvest and thanksgiving encompasses the goal of the From Thy Bounty Fairs. We thank the Lord for the blessings He provides for our families and the opportunities those give us to celebrate and feast "from thy bounty" in our domestic churches. These fairs will be an opportunity to share with one another the joys, beauty, and abundance of our hearth and home, kitchen and table. You can highlight any aspect of bounty and feasting that you would like – whether it be meals, desserts, homemaking/decorating tips, or prayers.
The fall fairs will focus on some of the major feasts and fruits of the coming months which lead us into Advent.

Upcoming From Thy Bounty Fair Schedule:

Triumph of the Cross (September 15): The cross is a very basic shape and one easily incorporated into cooking and table decorating. This fair will be held right after the feast day. Share what you did to celebrate the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross. How did you make the feast and symbol come alive in your Catholic kitchen? Michele will be the hostess. Please submit your link or pictures by the evening of 9/14.

Angels: Our Guardians and Defenders (September 29): Angels are honored in two big feasts within a few days of each other – the Feast of the Archangels (9/29) and Memorial of the Guardian Angels (10/2). Share how you are celebrating either or both of these feast days. What are you doing to make this memorable and visible for your family? Do you have special symbolic foods or meals for these days? Jenn will be your hostess.

The Fruits of Our Harvest (October 13): How do you give thanks? What do you do with the bounties of your harvest? Whether you grow your own, shop at the farmer’s market, visit an orchard, or hunt off the land you are benefiting from the bounties of God’s creation. Let's share our recipes, ideas, and thoughts on the bounties that God provides. Mary will be your hostess.

Hallowed Days: All Saints and All Souls (October 27): Florence Berger writes in Cooking for Christ: “The doctrine of the mystical body unites all Christians to their Master, and one with the other in God's kingdom here on earth. As the branches have their source in the vine, so with Christ we have been bound together for growth and fruition.” The Feasts of All Saints Day (preceded by All Hallows Eve) and All Souls tie together and help us remember the Church Militant, the Church Suffering, and the Church Triumphant. These days offer many unique traditions and celebrations. Share how you feast any of these days? What do you do to fill your tables with the traditions of these hallowed days? Jessica will be your hostess.

Holiday Foods and Feasts (November 17): Thanksgiving and Christmas are days associated with feasting and celebration. Each family has traditional foods and festivities. Please share your thoughts, suggestions, menus, and recipes for these big feasts so we’ll be well prepared to enjoy them. Amy will be your hostess.

The Bounty of St. Nicholas (December 1): St. Nicholas Day provides a bit of special festivity early in the waiting weeks of Advent. There are so many wonderful culinary traditions from around the world honoring this saint. How is St. Nicholas honored and remembered in your hearth and home? Do you have special treats or food ideas for celebrating this feast day?

To participate in the fairs please send a link to your post by the deadline date to the hostess indicated or leave a message in the comments section. You don’t need to have a blog – you can participate by sending pictures or ideas to the hostess for inclusion.
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  1. What a great idea! I'll have to put my thinking chef hat on.

  2. I am SO excited about these!!! :) Thank you so much Mary for coordinating it all for us! I am really looking forward to seeing all the submissions!

  3. How exciting these sound :) I'll be watching (and maybe participating!)

  4. My girls and I would LOVE to participate!

  5. Is there a way to post the list of upcoming fairs at the top of the sidebar? They come so far ahead of the feasts (good for sharing plans, I know) that I never think about them soon enough. By the time I click over to see if there is a fair coming up I tend to have missed the deadline! Arrgh!