Monday, September 15, 2008

From Thy Bounty Fair -Feast of The Triumph of The Cross

Learn more about this Feast here, here and here.

Wow – What a Feast!

You know, I have always celebrated this Feast during Mass in the years past. But, teaching it and living the liturgical year is new to me. This is only my second year homeschooling, so learning the liturgical year has been a tremendous gift to my family. I have learned so much and now I am able to teach my children more about our faith through incorporating the gifts of our church traditions in our home and with our meals.

I feel so special to be a contributor to this blog! I am so impressed by all the women who post here…they are truly the help and resources I needed to get started on this new journey my family is on. Thank you Jessica for this blog!

First we will start with Jessica. Of coarse, she will blow your socks off! Have you seen her new painted wooden saints? So cute!! She claims she is not an artist – but I think she is just being humble. She has really done a great job. Her St. Helena and the most Holy Cross will be so memorable to her kids.

She is always letting her kids learn hands on. Her daughter looks like she is having fun helping make the cross shaped cookies. Yum! Speaking of yummy, her pasta recipe and tomato basil mozzarella salad are definitely going on my list of recipes to try! They ended the evening watching a lovely family movie together. God, please bless this family!

Now let’s visit Mary. She also has a wonderful blog! She explains to us how Basil is an herb we associate with this Feast. Her Focaccia Dough Recipe turned out great! I love that she added the sun-dried tomato (for the 5 wounds). Mary also shared with us a great craft idea. I love the woven cross kit. Lord, please live among them always!

Join me in swinging by Marci’s place. Like my blog, hers is new this year. Go check it out, she has some great post and resources. Take a look at the pic of her Basil, tomato and mozzarella pita sandwich, it looks so refreshing! She shared her plan to light a candle and read with the kids about St. Helena and then to color pictures of the cross. What a cozy memory for them, especially when they topped it of with piece of cake that was baked in the form of a cross – with chocolate sprinkles. Holy Spirit, please dwell with this family.

Follow me over to Eileen’s. She has so many great ideas! Her family loves her Good Friday meal and her crown of thorns. (we do this to, it is a great reminder for the kids) This is a great way to bring those ideas into the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross. To recall his sufferings from Good Friday and to merge those reflections to this Feast is a wonderful idea. I bet her kids really “get” what this Feast is about. They started with a procession using the crucifix singing “Lift High the Cross”….how wonderful! Every part of her meal had a wonderful meaning. Her Onion-Basil Foccacia with Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Slices make me hungry just looking at it. For dessert – Exchanging the Crown of Thorns for a Crown Cake. Wonderful!!! What a faith-filled Feast! Mother Mary, pray for Son's blessing for them.

Now we check out Suzanne’s trusty blog – ( have you ever seen her homemade diaper wipes and solution. Inspiring!) I love how she had the kids make their cross and physically bring it to the foot of the cross at church. That will be stick with them for years to come.
Her idea to make snacks in a cross shape is a fun way teach about this Feast! Her girls were also able to enjoy a memory together braiding bread into cross shapes. What a lovely bread basket they made together as a family. Togetherness – what a gift! Jesus, hold them close to you.

As for mine I have posted it, but I have had trouble uploading my pics -- so it looks a bit boring...LOL Check back soon to see if I have my pics uploaded yet. Lord please grant my family your strength and grace.

Have you been by Heather’s blog lately? Her blog is full great stuff. She shares a great pic of her cutie and the fun cookies they made last year!
Lord Jesus, please bestow your blessings upon them.

We all know Dawn and how awesome her blog is! We look at her post from last year. Have you ever seen her family handprint cross? Priceless!You can't buy memories like that. Her family shares so many fun memories making crafts and baking together. She made a cross shaped cake also, with sprinkles in the middle in the shape a heart shape. Simple and beautiful ideas for sharing this feast with the children.
God, please grant them your peace.

Thank you to you all for sending me your submissions! You are all inspiring to me and have so many great ideas for teaching our kids how to Glorify our Lord in all that we do -- even cooking!

Now we get to look forward to the next fair coming at the end of September. Look for it over at Jenn's, she will be hosting.

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  1. What wonderful ideas everyone has. Michele, thanks for compiling all the ideas here so well - great job. And thanks for the prayers for our families!

  2. You did such a LOVELY job hosting this fair. I enjoyed readin every inch of your post and cannot wait to visit EVERY blog. Bless You!

  3. Michele, this is so nice! I was really touched by the personal prayers at the end of each description. Thank you so much for pulling this together -- I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done!

  4. Michele, you did a lovely job hosting this Fair! Thank you so very much!! I was very touched by your prayers for each contributor to this Fair, and so excited to see all of the participation and wonderful links!

    Thank you also for your kind words! It really has been fun pulling all of our efforts together into a group blog! I too have been impressed and INSPIRED!

  5. Thank you to you all for giving me a pat on the back!

    I was glad to be a part of this fair and was touched to get to know all the families on fair day. What a great group we have. I learned so much from all of you...thank you!

    I have so many recipes to try now ;)

  6. Michele~Thanks for a great fair! wonderful posts from everyone. I'm looking forward to some great main dishes next year.