Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September Dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows

A reader commented that she did not have a chance to do the "Tears of Our Lady" lemon drop activity with her family on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. I wanted to point out that the entire month of September is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. Any time this month that you choose to remember Our Lady under this title and make a special observation of that, would be very fitting.

Here is another idea that I have seen mentioned in many places, but was never posted here. Make a cake (or brownie, bread, cornbread, rice krispie treat, etc.) in the shape of a heart. Then pierce the heart with cocktail swords. You could reflect on the 7 sorrows of Mary either while inserting the swords or removing them. It is another very visual way to think about her sorrows. Pin It


  1. Thank you for pointing that out Mary! We will try and incorporate one of these ideas into our plans for the month.. God Bless!

  2. Yes, thank you Mary! That is a timely reminder!

  3. You are so right in that the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows is the entire month...I tend to look at the calendar and assume it's only the day.

    We are doing the lemon drop activity tomorrow night, and have shared the idea with several people in my Familia prayer group. So thanks again for such a lovely idea!