Chocolate Roses for St. Thérèse

Seeing Mary's adorable Angel Candy Favors the other day reminded me of the Chocolate Roses my sisters and I made years ago. What a perfect craft they would make for the feast of St. Thérèse! My children agreed!

They are quite fun and very simple to make.

  • Hershey's Kisses
  • Pink or Red Cellophane, cut into 4 1/2" squares
  • Florist wire (cut in half with wire cutters, or leave as is to make long-stemmed roses)
  • Green florist tape
  • Silk leaves (optional)


1. Remove the tags from the candy. Take a 4 1/2" square of cellophane. Place two Hershey kisses together, as pictured.

2. Place the tip of one of the kisses in the center of the cellophane square, then wrap the cellophane around both kisses, gathering the corners together around the tip of the other kiss.

3. Using florist tape, wrap the gathered corners together as tightly as you can without tearing the tape. Insert a florist wire into the gathered cellophane until it meets the tip of the Hershey's Kiss, and wrap with tape. Do not insert the wire into the chocolate, since it is not food safe. If you'd like, you can use bamboo skewers instead of the florist wire, and then you could stick it right into the chocolate. (I was going to use those, but I am out of them right now.)

4. Continue taping down the length of the wire until it is completely covered with florist tape.

5. If you'd like, tape silk leaves onto the stem.

6. Place in a vase, wrap as a bouquet, or display however you'd like. Enjoy!

You can see a few other ideas I posted, for celebrating the feast of St. Thérèse, over at my other blog, Shower of Roses. Have a wonderful feast!

St. Thérèse of Lisieux ~ Pray for Us!

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  1. Thumbs up! This food craft does fit perfectly with the feast day and such a easy to follow tutorial. Looks like we'll need to keep trolling the Hershey site for inspiration.

  2. That is fantastic Jessica! I hope I can get this done today for St Therese's feast!