Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Menu ideas for Pentecost Sunday

Ok... I am on a roll with the Pentecost theme!! I promise this is my last post... at least for today! ;)

Since another name for Pentecost is "Whitsunday," there is a tradition to serve white foods. In Lent and Easter in the Christian Kitchen, the authors suggest serving a breakfast of powdered sugar doughnuts or an afternoon snack of milk and macaroons.

They also suggest serving Cornish Game Hens (ok--maybe I will post a recipe for this, unless someone else has one!!), to remind us of a dove, the symbol of the Holy Ghost, and a 12 Fruit Salad, symbolizing the 12 fruits of the Holy Ghost.

White side dishes for dinner could include: White Rice, Cauliflower, Potatoes and Pasta Alfredo, to name a few.

Another idea would be to go with a Red-Hot Theme since "the intense love and fire of the Holy Spirit are represented in the use of red as the liturgical color for Pentecost Sunday!" Examples would include: fiery hot food, food cooked over flames, and any other food that is red.

For Dessert we will be making a Pentecost Cake. Another idea, found in the above cookbook, would be to serve a frosted cookie topped with a red lifesaver holding a birthday candle to represent the flame, reminding us of the Holy Ghost in the Upper Room. As we blow out the candles we are reminded of the mighty wind that the apostles heard.

Don't forget to set your table with red if you can!! If you don't have a red tablecloth, you could make a centerpiece with seven red roses and seven red candles representing the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost!

Christine left a comment with even more decorating ideas: "If it [the tablecloth] is white, red flames cut from construction paper can be scattered on the tablecloth and hanging a dove from the dining room ceiling (either handmade or purchased from a craft store)." Thank you Christine!

However you celebrate, I hope you have a blessed Pentecost Sunday!!

Prayer to the Holy Ghost

COME HOLY GHOST, fill the hearts of thy faithful and kindle in them the fire of thy love

V Send forth thy spirit and they shall be created
R And thou Shalt renew the face of the earth

Let us pray. O God, who didst instruct the heart of thy faithful by the light of the Holy Ghost, Grant us by the gift of the same spirit to be truly wise and rejoice in his consolation. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen. Pin It


  1. Stumbled onto your blog while looking for meal ideas for Pentecost. Love it! Thanks for doing this.

  2. Forgot to mention - you could make a nice spicy chili and call it "Tongues of Fire Beans."

  3. Seeing some great ideas for my small group meeting on Pentecost. Thanks!