Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Fluffy Cloud Dessert

... for the Feast of the Ascension.

I found this recipe in a BH&G magazine while waiting for the girls to finish piano lessons and thought it would be fun to serve for the Feast of the Ascension (which technically has been moved in our diocese, but not everywhere). I made a few changes to the recipe. First, I doubled the Oreos and the butter to make a good thick "crust". I also eliminated the strawberries on top to make the whole thing look more cloud-like and chopped the berries on the inside instead of mashing them so that the inner fluff would stay white instead of turning pink. It is chilling in the freezer right now.

Update with pictures......
Here's a peak inside!

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  1. Looks great! We might have to head to the grocery store right now for oreos and fresh strawberries!!

  2. It's certainly fluffy - what a great Ascension day treat.

  3. We had this last night for our dessert and it was a HUGE hit. Everyone couldn't wait to take a bite and there were lots of yums going on.
    Thank you so much for the recpie! And now I have strawberries to make jam with! YEAH!

  4. Wow!!! I am going to have to make this soon! I was out of town for Ascension, and my hubby noticed this post. It is filled with a few of his favorites: Whip Cream, Oreos and Strawberries. YUM!!! What a great idea!

  5. The recipe: