Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Appetizer for Solemnity of the Sacred Heart

The Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is May 30. Here is a fairly simple idea for an appetizer which could be served on this date or during the month of June which is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


8 oz. (or more) cream cheese
salsa or taco sauce
stick pretzels
grated cheese

Use a heart shaped mold to form cream cheese into heart shape, or shape by hand, or use knife to cut it into a heart shape. Pour salsa or taco sauce over heart to cover. Break pretzel sticks into smaller pieces and insert into cream cheese across middle to form a "crown of thorns." Place grated cheese coming off top of heart (or around heart) like flames. Serve with crackers on the side. The heart is the spread to put on the crackers. I really wanted to get some of these heart-shaped crackers. I emailed the company and got some possible leads on local places that might carry them but didn't end up finding any locally. I could have ordered directly from the company but didn't need the case amount or justify the cost for shipping.

A similar heart could be made to coincide with recognition of the Immaculate Heart (month - August). For the Immaculate Heart you could cover with salsa/taco sauce or leave the cream cheese heart white for purity. Put a line of small silk flowers (or edible ones) across the front. Pierce the side with a plastic cocktail sword.

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  1. An easy solution would be to take flour tortillas and cut them with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Then lay them on a baking sheet, spray lightlty with Pam and dust with coarse salt and back until crisp (about 5 minutes or so). Experiment!

  2. You guys are so creative. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  3. Yes, the tortilla idea would work well. Thanks. One could also make homemade crackers - there are several great recipes. I was just hoping for something easy. I've finally posted a picture of the appetizer.

  4. This would be good with red pepper jelly instead of the salsa (of course, it is a little harder to find than salsa though). Thanks for the great idea!