Friday, May 2, 2008

Bread - A Staple of Liturgical Year Celebrations

I am currently reading a great how-to book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. And I'm anxious to give the recipes a try. It makes the process sound very quick and I hope to include more fresh baked breads into our meals with minimal time involved. I know many of you are probably regular bakers of fresh bread already, but I've never gotten into the rhythm of doing it regularly so it has to be something I plan ahead for. If this technique is as easy as it seems fresh bread on a regular basis for feast day celebrations might be in our future.

Bread is such a significant image in our faith and I would love to have fresh baked bread be a more frequent part of our celebrations. As one of the most common foods around the world it is a staple of life. It has throughout history been a part of feasts and celebrations. There are so many times it is mentioned in scripture and Our Lord, the Living Bread is at the core of our faith. You have seen several recommendations of specific bread recipes here in the past. You will continue to see them in the future as there are often specific breads linked to saints or feast days. These are some ideas I had for general bread tie ins to upcoming feast days.
Upcoming May feast days where bread would be a fitting addition or centerpiece to the meal.

St. Philip and James (May 3) - Bread is a symbol associated with St. Philip and he is often pictured with two loaves. The loaves of bread recall St. Philip’s remark when Jesus fed the multitude: “How are we to buy bread, so that these people may eat?” (John 6:5).

Feast of Corpus Christi (May 25, 200/Second Sunday after Pentecost) , a Eucharistic solemnity, comes at end of this month. For this Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ our Gospel readings always cycle through the stories of bread. The bread of life (John 6:51-58), the multiplication of the loaves and fish(John 6, 51-52), feast of unleavened bread and institution of Eucharist (Mark 14:6).

Feast of the Visitation (May 31) when we commemorate Our Lady's visit to Elizabeth. This feast day reminds us to be charitable to our neighbors. It would be a good day to take a fresh loaf of bread to someone.

Upcoming June feast days where bread would be a fitting addition or centerpiece to the meal.

St. Anthony of Padua (June 13) - There is a story associated with St. Anthony where a desperate mother whose toddler son has drowned, calls upon the intercession of St. Anthony promising if she obtained the blessing of her child back to life, she would donate to the poor bread equal to the weight of her son. This has resulted in the charitable tradition of St. Anthony's Bread.

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  1. i totally have that book on my list and plan to get it as soon as i get my new mixer!

  2. Sardines represent miraculous fish.

    Story here:

    It turns out that the opening of sardine season coincides with the Feast of St. Anthony and all over the city of Lisbon, people grill them on every type of grill.


    I'll have to remember to buy some sardines next June!

  3. There is also a follow-up book "Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day" that includes whole grain recipies.