Thursday, May 15, 2008

From Thy Bounty Fair - First Communion Celebrations


Thank you for joining us as we share the bounty of ideas in this, Catholic Cuisine's first From Thy Bounty Fair. Today's fair focuses on the celebration following the ultimate celebration of reception of the Eucharist for the first time. Whether it is large or small, at home or in a restaurant, so many families choose to celebrate and "feast" together as they joyfully celebrate this special day - creating memories for the First Communicant.

As I contemplated this fair I was thinking of First Communions of the past, my own and those of my children who have already received. This is a very special sacrament, one that they will be able to receive over and over in their life time, but that first time is very memorable, following the anticipation of waiting. This is a big day, one that is full of memories and we can help them make memories through our celebrations.

Eileen at I Lean on Him, shares her memories and recalls with fondness cakes that graced their family's table on First Communion Sundays of the past. You'll get a look at a wonderful cake personalized by the First Communicant. I love this idea - it is a memorable addition in so many ways. Eileen also shares the words to the homily from her daughter's First Communion last year - definitely spiritual food for thought.

Tracy at Pinewood Castle knows how busy the First Communion Day can be, so she shares a simple and festive idea for an easy 1st Communion breakfast that morning. It's so creative and symbolic, yet easy to pull off. No matter what else you have planned for the day this is a very memorable addition.

Christine of Memories of a Catholic Wife and Mother, shares her memories of last year's First Communion for Bernadette. The cakes that they get for their children on their First Communion say, "Welcome Jesus!", continuing the theme of the novena that they say prior to their First Communion day. Since she had a 4-month-old baby at the time, she says she kept the cake very simple by using boxed cake mix, store-bought icing and candy flowers, and a sticker from CHC's "Old Master's Stickers". The important thing was that it met her daughter's specifications and she liked it.

Whenever you waltz over to Matilda's you always know you'll be treated to a beautiful and well crafted celebration. Waltzing Matilda gives us a peek at the day and the the party they had last year for Sunshine's First Communion. It is complete with lovely cake and some special requests on the menu from the First Communicant. I'm sure a day she will long remember.

This past Saturday was the big day for this First Communicant. At Burning the Candle at Both Ends, Chris tells us about Thomas' big First Communion party, a tradition for their family. I was drooling over the menu which included his special request - a chocolate fountain. Every little detail adds so much to this amazing celebration. Lots of fun ideas here.

Jessica at Shower of Roses has a very fitting post offering the reflections of St. Therese on her First Communion. A beautiful remembrance story. Then in her detailed post, Preparing for First Holy Communion, Jessica shares both the spiritual and practical preparations they have been making for her oldest son's First Communion later this month. These include the plans for a special cake with ideas from A Continual Feast.

Meredith of Sweetness and Light, shares her son's First Communion Notebook. Not only is the notebook a wonderful activity for the preparation of the reception of this most Holy Sacrament, it can also be a place to record the memories and celebrations of the First Communion day. Matthias' notebook includes his description of the people who shared the day with him and how they celebrated by eating lunch together.

The celebrations don't always take place on the same day as the First Communion. When you visit the Island in the Grove, Donna will let you see a glimpse of an outdoor first communion celebration that extended the festivities to a full weekend for Christian. The cross shaped cake (which he helped to bake) is quite impressive, especially with the addition of live flowers. What a great combination for celebration, floral cakes and catching frogs & newts!

Suzanne celebrated a first of many Gladdest Hours' First Communions earlier this spring. A beautiful and memorable day it was with Madeleine looking lovely in an family heirloom veil. Considering the soon to arrive new bundle, the family and friends opted for going out to lunch enjoying the cake at the church's reception after Mass.

Jenn of Family in Feast and Feria once again has compiled some great suggestions from a vast array of liturgical year and feast day celebration resources. There are so many ways that one can incorporate symbols of the Eucharist into the festivities and meals. One post focuses on breads -beautiful photos and ideas here. And of course desserts are a vital part of celebratory parties with cakes often playing an especially prominent part as a centerpiece of the party. Some festive cakes are shown and linked here.

And finally Christy shares an appetizer which fits the theme of including bread in First COmmunion celebrations. It sounds delicious.

  • 1 loaf sour dough bolle (round)
  • 2 baguettes
  • 8oz. brie
  • 8oz. cream cheese
  • 1/2 onion chopped finely
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic chopped finely
  • olive oil (about 1/4c)
  • black pepper

Place brie and cream cheese in bowl and microwave until soft. Saute garlic and onion in olive oil until onion is transparent. Add pepper to taste. Cut circle in top of round bread and scoop out to make a bowl--save top. Beat together cheeses and garlic/onion mixture. Scoop into bread bowl, put top on, wrap in tin foil and bake at 350* until heated through (approx. 20min.) Serve hot on sliced baguette (Christy gets the cook and serve ones in the bakery at Fred's and serves them warm).

We hope you have enjoyed the fair!

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  1. What a wonderful Fair Mary!!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to read all the posts! God Bless!

  2. Mary, this is just wonderful! I am really enjoying checking out all the links. It's impossible not to be moved by all this, it brings back so many wonderful memories, and makes me excited to go through it all again with my younger ones!


  3. I so appreciate your hard work on putting this together, Mary. All the entries are so good!

  4. And Christy, that recipe sounds so delicious! I've got to try it!

  5. Yes, I agree! That recipe sounds so yummy Christy!!

  6. Bravo Mary, it's delightful!! Thanks for including me and thank you for a wonderful first From Thy Bounty Fair!!!

  7. Mary, I really enjoyed this! YOu put it together so lovely! Everyone has such great memories to share. Family took us out for dinner for my son's big day and I didn't have many pics to share (they are on my old computer's hard drive! aargghh)
    Anyway, thanks to everyone for sharing :)

  8. What a lovely feast.
    Thank you, Mary.

  9. Great job Mary!!! Thank you for putting this all together!

  10. Wonderful job with the fair! I finally had time to make to rounds and enjoyed everyone's entries!

  11. Great posts, everyone! Thanks for doing this, Mary. We had fun over here looking at eveyone's pictures, reading recipes, etc.