St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Gold Coins

This past weekend, while one of our boys was attending a birthday party, my oldest daughter and I went out to lunch and then did a little (very little, since we had the baby with us) shopping.   Since there happened to be a See's Candy store right next to the restaurant, I ran in to purchase some of the super cute Hollow Easter Eggs with White Chocolate Chicks that we love to include in our children's Easter baskets.   While I was there I also purchased a box of St. Patrick's Day Gold Coins.   The box is rather expensive but comes with 50 Chocolate Coins - 30 large coins and 20 small - making each coin about .17 cents each!

A couple years ago I shared our St. Nicholas Chocolate Coins with you all and, this year, thought it would be fun to make St. Patrick's Day Coins too!    We thought these coins would make a fun addition to place on the tables during our coffee hour after Mass this Sunday honoring St. Patrick.

I cropped some old favorite images of St. Patrick to fit on the face of the large 1 1/2" Chocolate Coins (The See's coins are the same size as the ones that come in the smaller $1.00 bags that you can find at various grocery stores or online), created a word document with all the images adding an optional border to the images, cut them all out, and then my children glued them to the front of the coins.

I thought I would share my documents with you all as an early St. Patrick's Day gift, in case any of you would like make some for your own St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

I printed out a second document at 70% to use for the smaller 1" coins.  I saved it as a pdf, already in the reduced size, to share as well.

St. Patrick, Pray for Us! 

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  1. Jessica these are adorable! I had created some for our family a few weeks back, but with a few different images and Celtic crosses. They are free to print if you'd like to add them to your lovely set! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are so cute- thanks for sharing the images

  3. Jessica, You had to have read some of our minds!! These are soooo great....I have a bunch of coins leftover from the feast of St. Nicholas and was just sitting @ the computer, 2 weeks ago, trying to figure out how you make them.....fortunately, for us computer challenged folks, you've saved the day! Thank you!

  4. Jessica,

    These are just darling. I had loved using the St. Nicholas' ones you made and the children who were on the receiving end, really loved it too! Thank you! May your Lenten Journey continue to be filled with blessings and graces.

  5. I'm back to report that I did use these St. Patrick images with the chocolate gold coins to give a couple to my godchildren and RE students. Thank you!

  6. Your welcome! So glad that you were able to use them!

  7. Hi Jessica, I returned again this year and printed them off again. I gave them to my RE students and a few of their siblings :) They were a hit. I posted about it today and linked back to you. May God bless you as He works in and through you to the rest of us!

    St. Patrick, pray for us!