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Holiday Foods and Feasts (November 17): Thanksgiving and Christmas are days associated with feasting and celebration. As we get ever closer to those festive meals we'd love to hear how your family feasts. Each family has traditional foods and festivities. Please share your thoughts, suggestions, menus, and recipes for these big feasts so we’ll be well prepared to enjoy them. Amy will be your hostess. We welcome your ideas and submissions. Please send ideas or links to Amy, the Catholic Cuisine address, or leave in comment box by Sunday, Nov. 16. Thanks. Pin It


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  2. My husband's family has always made their "candied" sweet potatoes a very special way and he will not eat them any other way.It's not very healthy in my book, but what are holidays for anyway?!
    Well, the recipe for 'Imperial Sweet Potatoes' that I have is not exact. It's a "eyeball" kinda thing, but I'd say that if you had
    *6 cups of steaming hot, mashed, sweet potatoes, you would add
    *1/4 cup butter,
    *3/4-1 cup packed brown sugar
    *1/2-3/4 cup Cinnimon Imperials (Red Hots)
    *Marshmallows on top (optional)
    *All ingredients more or less according to taste.

    Set in hot oven after the turkey/ham is removed, to brown the marshmallows about 5-10 minutes.
    These are so good that the kids ask for seconds!
    Sorry about reposting but I had to correct something in the recipe.