Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bible Cookies for the Year of Faith

A couple years ago, when trying to come up with a snack for our Little Flowers Girls' Club meeting on the virtue of Wisdom, I came up with these cute little Bible Cookies to place on top of our cupcakes.  Lacy expanded on this idea by cleverly adding a little bookmarks made from fruit roll ups!   We just made them again, since one of our Kindergarten Themes this past week was "B is for Bible" inspired by A is for Altar, B is for Bible, and I thought I'd share the directions with you all, as we begin The Year of Faith.   

Bible Cookies 

  • Fig Newtons (we made these with "Gold" Peach & Apricot Newtons)
  • White Icing (I used Wilton's Icing Writer, but any white icing/frosting would work)
  • Red Fruit Roll-ups


Begin by trimming off one long side of each fig newton with a sharp knife.   This creates the book, with three sides of "pages" showing with the binding on the remaining side.  

I have found that standing them on their end and cutting straight down leaves a nice clean edge, versus cutting through the cookie/cake:  

Using a sharp knife, cut "bookmarks" from the red fruit roll ups. Stick them into the end of the "book" (newton) using a toothpick (or the end of the knife, like I did).       

Decorate the cover and binding with icing to complete the "Bibles."

This idea can also be modified, using different flavored/colored cookies and decorations, like we did for our "Story of a Soul" cookies last year.  

These cookies would make a great snack anytime during this "Year of Faith."  They are also perfect for the feasts of the Evangelists, Sts. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, or for the feast of St. Paul and any other of the many saints that are symbolized with a "Book."   

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  1. Goodness! These bible cookies are absolutely clever and cute!

  2. Love this idea. Any suggestions for inexpensive year of faith table decorations for our annual pot luck event. We will have 40 round dinning tables. Your food ideas are so special, I thought you might have table decor ideas, too. Thank you, Cathy- http://stpaschalchurch.com/

  3. I LOVE this idea! I made my own book cookies in a similar way for a book party I was throwing, and featured them on my blog. I linked back to this page, and you can see them here: http://roamingrosie.com/2015/03/16/easy-no-bake-book-shaped-cookies/ Thanks for sharing your amazing cookies! :)