Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simple Cupcake Crowns

Many lovely crown cakes have been described previously, for use on various regal feasts including today's Feast of Christ the King. Another option, easy to put together in a pinch is to make these basic cupcake crowns. Take cupcakes and circle the perimeter with Hershey's Kissable "jewels" for a cute little crown. The kids have fun decorating, then consuming these creations.

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  1. How cute and fun, Mary! I love the big feasts our family pulls off every now and then, but sometimes I shy away from celebrating because of all the work involved. Thanks for the reminder that simple little touches like this can be just as meaningful!

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  3. Another wonderful idea and very simple!! I love it, and so would my children!! :)

  4. Good idea!
    For The Feast of Christ the King, I made a cake the shape of a crown. I love all these idea's!

    Anna Mae