Guardian Angel Cookies

Our celebration snack for today was very simple. Inspired by an idea from Jessica, I used some leftover cookies...
...cut them in half and dipped them in some white candy melts to make wings.
Then we attached a Gingerman cookie on top with another glob of candy melt on the back.
We popped them in the fridge for a few minutes before transferring the angel cookies to a serving tray and giving them a Gingerman cookie to watch over.
My kids chuckled at some of the Gingermen with broken hands. I told them, "That's what happens when you don't listen to your Guardian Angel!"
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  1. Those are adorable!! I wanted to leave a comment earlier on your blog, but didn't have time!!

    We went the easy way, store bought angel food cake with vanilla flavored cool whip!

  2. This was our third year making angel cookies at our house...we just do sugar cookies with angel cookie cutters. My kids are getting old enough that they were really looking forward to it this year. Fun times. BLESSINGS!!!

  3. So, so them watching over the gingerbread kids.