The Good Shepherd's Garden Party :: Week Four

We are still celebrating the 50 days of Easter with The Garden of the Good Shepherd, and our fourth Garden Party is based on the theme "The Wind and Sea Obey Him."

The Wind and Sea Obey Him Menu Suggestions

Apple or Banana Boats with Pretzel Masts
And Fruit Roll-Up Sails
Net Shaped Pretzels
Goldfish Crackers
Mini Pulled Barbecue Pork Sandwiches
Octopus Candy Cupcakes
“Sea” Water

Decorating Ideas

Pinwheels & Bubbles

I think next year Charlotte and I are going to need to come up with a compilation of all the ideas for each week.  There are so many great ways to tie in the weekly themes with food, and we just love seeing everyone's creativity!

Charlotte and I both made modifications to the menu again this week.   Once again Charlotte made her fun Leviathan Hot Dogs with Bun Boats, Pretzel Masts and Cheese Sails, in addition to this Blue Jell-O Sea with Fish and more!  Click on over to her blog to see the rest of her pictures.

My children enjoyed decorating a cake with the symbols for this week while my husband barbecued.   You can see a few pictures and the completed cake over at Shower of Roses!

Now it's your turn!  How did you and your family celebrate the fourth week of Easter?  We'd love to see pictures and hear about how you modified our Good Shepherd's Garden Party for your family, or incorporated any of our other ideas (whether you choose daily activities or just one party for the week) into your celebration.

To Participate:

1. Create a post about your Good Shepherd's Garden Party or activities for the fourth week of Easter.
2. Using the linky below, enter the exact link to your post.
3. Add a link your post, referring back to this post so that others can find the party as well!  (Please feel free to include the Good Shepherd's Garden Party Button if you'd like!)
4. Be sure to visit the links and see how everyone else has been celebrating!
5. The linky will be open until next Monday when we add a new one for Week 5.

*Be sure to take a look at all of the Week Five links from 2010 and 2011 for all sorts of great ideas! Pin It


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