Happy Birthday Jesus Cupcakes & A Gingerbread Manger

There are still a few days left of the Christmas season so I thought I'd share a couple of things we made to celebrate the birth of Our Lord...It's not too late, you know:)

I know there are so many cute ideas for making birthday cakes for Jesus out there, so thought I'd share this cupcake idea...We made red velvet cupcakes and found these little plastic Nativity figures at our local cake decorating supply store.  However,  I noticed they can also be found online, if you care to order for next year:)  They were the perfect size for cupcakes!  The Star of Bethlehem cupcake toppers were found at the cake supply store as well.  I peeked around a bit online but couldn't find them.  I'm holding on to these so we can re-use them next year!

Gingerbread Manger

Can you say repurpose?
We transformed this Gingerbread House Kit into a stable!  
I found these adorable cake toppers so I couldn't resist the big shortcut!
The Claydough Nativity set can be found online here. By the way, mine came in a nice plastic encasement for storage and protection...That makes the price a little more bearable.  Plus, I will mention again that they sure are cute!
Our Dad is pretty good at this kind of thing. He has the patience of a trained professional*wink*  He wanted to create a humble and simple manger, without any gumdrops on the roof.  You know what that meant? Yep, more candies from the kit for the children to eat right away:)
As you can see, they used Nutella for the frosting and the "glue" for the Gingerbread Manger....YUM.  
We browned some coconut for the manger hay and this is the finished project, mostly edible! (Except for the claydough figures of course)
God Bless your final days of Christmas!

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  1. I LOVE your Christmas cupcakes! They are sooo pretty! Good job on the manger too!