"My First Holy Communion" Party Favors

In addition to the Baptism Favors, I also made First Holy Communion Lollipop Favors for the Cake Reception following the girls' First Holy Communion and the baby's Baptism.  For these I used the Girl Communion Candy Mold (a boy version is also available), along with Lollipop sticks, white and pink candy melts.

You can see an example of how the multi-colored candies are made in this post.  I poured the melted white chocolate into the center of the mold first, let it harden in the fridge, and then finished the lollipops by filling the mold the rest of the way with the pink candy and adding the lollipop stick.   It would have been helpful to have more than one mold, but since I really couldn't make very many at a time (due to a little one who loves to be held) I made them four at a time over a three day period as I had little bits of free time.

I packaged the candy shells in Clear Treat Bags, tying them with Pink Curling Ribbon. I made similar tags to the Baptism favors, some reading "My First Holy Communion...Deo Gratias!" and some that were customized with "God Bless (Child's Name)"at the top, and the date of the First Holy Communion on the bottom.  I just used scissors to cut the circles, which really didn't take long, but I would love to purchase a 2" circle punch for the future.  I cut the 2 1/2" scalloped backgrounds using my CricutWinter Woodland Cartridge, and gold card stock.

Here is the link to my document for the "My First Holy Communion" tags, which I printed out onto white card stock, in case anyone would like to use them in the future:

I was planning on making a couple dozen Cross Lollipops as well, but ended up running out of time even thought they are quicker to make and also take less of the melted candy. These would be a great option if you need a lot of favors.

I wasn't sure how I was going to display the lollipops, and started looking for a styrofoam block.   I wasn't able to find anything, and wasn't about to spend $8-10 dollars for one from Walmart, so I ended up cutting down a shoebox (from a cute pair of new boots), to make it shallower, wrapped it in gold wrapping paper, and then punched holes in the top with a hammer and nail.  The lollipops didn't stand up completely straight, but I thought it worked well enough, especially since it didn't require purchasing any more supplies.  :)

Here are a few other First Communion Themed Candy Molds available:

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  1. Fabulous! I am making a note to come back to this in about 2 months for baby's baptism and son's First Holy Communion which I think will be on the same weekend to accomodate visiting family. Thanks for the great ideas and motivation to make the days extra special and memorable! :-)

  2. Wow! So beautifully done. Thank you for sharing your work and providing this resource!

  3. Really like the communion candy lollipops and like the idea of personalizing them with a name and date. Would you please share the name of the program you use to make your documents? Thanks so much for all the great ideas.

    1. Thank you! I created them using the publishing layout in Microsoft Word.

  4. Jessica, muchas gracias por compartirnos tantas ideas tan hermosas, mi hijo esta por hacer la Primera Comunión, y tu blog me ha servido mucho. Me encanta. Dios te bendiga. Saludos desde México.