Mary Cakes

Happy Birthday to Our Lady!

Here are a few (photo) ideas for decorating cakes for Mary.  Me being the visual learner, I am always looking for pictures of things to jump-start my brain.  These are a few cakes that I made for our Little Flowers/Blue Knights Birthday Party for Blessed Mother.  Hope this helps if you are looking for  simple decorating ideas.  
(Nothing fancy in the ingredients either...just white boxed cake mix and white frosting)
I made this one for an evening church meeting...
I am not skilled at cake decorating but I love to honor our heavenly Mother and share that with others!
"Your birth, O Blessed Virgin Mary, fills the whole world with a sweet consolation and a holy joy, because of you was born our Jesus, our God, who has taken away from us the curse in which we were plunged by the sin of our first parents, and filled us with all kinds of blessings."~St. John Vianney~
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