Sunday, April 3, 2011

Laetare Sundaes

 Today is the 119th anniversary of the Ice Cream Sundae! Maybe that's all the incentive you need to scoop up some creamy goodness but today is also Laetare Sunday so we decided to celebrate with sundaes. The best part is, you can make them however you want!
We opted to honor the rose colored vestments Father wore this morning and chose strawberry ice cream along with strawberry and hot fudge toppings, whipped cream, nuts and don't forget the cherry on top, unless you don't like cherries and choose a strawberry instead!
Happy sundaes! Happy Sunday!!!
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  1. Great idea, Charlotte! I was just noticing that over at Google and thought how perfect Ice Cream Sundaes would be, when I saw your post! We already picked up a Strawberry Boston Cream Cake on our way home from Mass, but I might just have to pull some ice cream out of the freezer and make some Ice Cream Sundaes to go along with it. :)

  2. I made a Roulade from my chocolate book, but boy was I happy to see that Blue Bell. I miss my Blue Bell!

  3. Very clever!
    Always enjoy your ideas. (And we're big Blue Bell fans too! Moo-lenium Crunch - oh my!!!)
    Beverly Kloesel

    If you'd ever like to go on a field trip to the Blue Bell creamery, let me know and I'll host you. We live pretty close to Brenham. :)