Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bread of Life :: First Communion Candy Molds

I just realized that I never did get around to posting about the last of the Easter Symbol Candies that I included in my children's Easter Baskets.   Originally I had planned to save this candy mold to make for on top of a cake to celebrate our my oldest daughter's First Communion later this year.  However, after trying it out when I was making all the other candies, I decided it did tie in nicely to Easter as well. 

We used two quotes to go along with this "Bread of Life" Candy - one explaining the symbols of Bread and Wine/Wheat and Grapes and the other explaining the IHS symbol, both from ICC Religious Education

Bread and Wine/Wheat and Grapes: Because of the bread and wine they produce, the symbols of wheat and grapes are often used to designate the Eucharist. Bread is the basic food of every culture and of every age in human history. Made from the toil of human hands, the many grains of wheat are transformed and become one to nourish and sustain us. A meal, in which bread is broken and shared, becomes a means of bonding human beings together. This is the sign Jesus used to describe Himself as the "Bread of Life." Following His command, in faith we take and eat this Bread, His Body, and become one with Him."  From ancient times wine is associated with banquets, joy and celebration, a gift of God to gladden our hearts. The grapes, like the grains of wheat used for bread, are fruits of the earth and give of themselves in order that we might celebrate and be glad. This sign which Jesus used for His Blood, speaks to us of giving and of sacrifice in order that we might enjoy the benefits of His love in the banquet which is the foretaste of heavenly joy.

IHS: IHS stands for the first three letters of the name Jesus in Greek.

For my first attempt, I used a few different color candy melts:  White, Green, Yellow, and a mix or Red and Light Blue to make a Burgundy for the Grapes. 

This took a little time, as I patiently waited for each color to set.    I did have a little trouble getting all the air bubbles out of the beads around the top of the chalice, but poking a toothpick through the chocolate (searching for each bubble to pop) was a quick and easy solution.   

As you can tell from the pictures, I didn't do the best job on keeping the colors exactly where they were suppose to be, but I still thought it turned out lovely! 

Another, much easier, variation would be just to use all white Chocolate.   To make the next chocolate literally took just a couple minutes to fill the mold and shake the air bubbles out.   

Be sure to put a little extra chocolate at the top of the chalice to prevent breakage, and also be sure to let it set completely before removing it from the mold.

I think this solid white one would look so pretty on top of a soft-pink frosted cake for my daughter.   

Here are some of the other Communion Themed Candy Molds that can currently be found at Amazon:

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  1. Where does one get Fairtrade candy melts? Can't seem to locate any.

  2. How very special, Jessica! Wish I had thought of it last year!

  3. I have purchased the Wilton Brand Candy Melts at both Michaels and WalMart. (They are also available from Amazon, though much more expensive. Our Michaels usually charges between $1.99-$2.50 per bag.)

  4. My second son will recieve First Holy Communion next year. I definitely want to try this out! I love that it can be used for Easter, too. Only a few dollars and you get endless possibilities! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a fantastic idea! It's too late to make this happen for my boys as they will be receiving First Holy Communion this Sunday, but I will definitely be bookmarking this for my other children.

    Thanks so much for sharing it!