Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter: What's for Dinner?

I am planning my Easter dinner menu, and I was hoping to add something new to it. I am of course making the traditional dishes my family loves. I have looked through other recipe ideas, but I want to make something tried and true. Please share your Easter dinner favorites below, either by adding a link to your blog post or in the comment box. I can't wait to read all your delicious ideas. Thank you.
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  1. I love having bacon wrapped asparagus on the plates for dinner. We tell the kids they are grown up green beans and they eat them! I take the bacon and tie a bow around the asparagus for a little twist and they look so cute you almost dont want to eat them

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  3. Easter without lamb? Impossible.

    Furthermore you need coloured hard boiled eggs for every meal!

    Moreover you need a German (or eastern-european)"Osterzopf"

    And at last: A baked lamb cake! ( but add a cross banner!

    @suzanne above: Ćwikła z chrzanem!

  4. In my family, we always have kielbasa (Polish Sausage) for Easter. Some years it accompanies our ham and some years we cook it up ahead of time, slice it and serve it with cheese and crackers! Yum!

  5. When I was a child in Wisconsin,my mom always made Lamb for Easter. Where we live in texas now, I never not been able to find lamb so I make ham instead.

  6. I have really enjoyed checking out all the links so far! I just added another one, which was shared over on our Facebook Page:

    Tara wrote: "I'm thinking about making a Cassata Siciliana (Italian ricotta cheesecake"

  7. Our family tradition is an Apricot Glaze to go with the ham. The smell of the Apricot glaze makes me feel at home for Easter no matter where we are. It's an old recipe and they don't make these size jars anymore so we just have to use our best guess.

    7 oz 7-up
    12 oz Apricot preserves
    1/2 c brown sugar
    1 t ground cimmamon
    1/2 t ground cloves

    Mix 7-up and preserves. Blend in brown sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Bring to boil. Simmer for 5 minutes.

  8. My family tradition is a Lime Jello Salad. My mother said they made it when she was a child! It is easy to make and comes out the perfect spring green color.

    Easy Lime Jello Salad

    1c. milk
    16 large marshmallows
    1 large box of lime Jello (dry)
    1 8oz. package of cream cheese, cubed & room temp
    1 large can crushed pineapple minus 2 TBL liquid
    1c. whipping cream

    Put milk and marshmallows in bowl and melt marshmallows in micro (you can also use a double boiler). Pour this hot liquid over Jello. When Jello is well blended, add cubed cream cheese. Lightly blend with wire whisk. Then add one large can of crushed pineapple. Mix and refrigerate to begin thickening. Meanwhile, whip whipping cream. When lime and pineapple mixture is nearly thickened, fold in whipping cream, pour into serving dish and refrigerate until ready to serve.

  9. I made an Easter pie last year that was had boiled eggs in it, and I think 12 layers for each disciple, something like that. I think I got the recipe from Continual Feast, but I couldn't swear it. This year we traveled.

  10. haha, I mean, 12 layers, one layer for each disciple. Not 12 layers for each disciple. That would be one heck of a pie! :)