Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watermelon Pie for the Feast of St. Anne

Last year Charlotte shared a great post with recipes for Watermelon Cookies and Lemonade in honor of the traditional colors of St. Anne.   According to My nameday--come for dessert (You can find the whole book online here),  St. Anne "is often shown in art teaching Our Lady to read the Scriptures. Through the ages she has been depicted wearing a green mantle and a red dress, colors symbolic of immortality and divine love. Rev. Edgar Schmiedler in "Your Home: A Church in Miniature" mentions the custom in Louisiana of children of French extraction named Anne wearing red and green ribbons in her honor. These are colors to bear in mind for party decorations on her feast. There is no need to look "Christmasy" by using equal amounts; rather, use cool green for the main color scheme with accents of red."

So, inspired by Charlotte and a recipe I ran across last year at Make and Takes, we just finished preparing a "Watermelon Pie" to celebrate the feast of St. Anne tomorrow!    I am still currently without a kitchen, and probably will be for another month or so, but this recipe didn't require any baking and was quite easy to make.   Not to mention in turned out super cute.  Here's the recipe:

Watermelon Pie


•  Key Lime Sherbet
•  Vanilla ice cream or Pineapple sherbet
•  Red/Pink-colored sherbet
•  Mini chocolate chips

Note:  Let the sherbet/ice cream soften for a few minutes before preparing the pie.  


1.  Using a round springform pan (You may want to line the bottom of the pan with wax paper or parchment paper if you plan to transfer the entire “pie” to another dish before serving),  start with the lime, spread a ring of sherbet around the edge of the springform pan – about 2 inches high and about 1-2 inches wide from the outside edge of the pan.  Put pan in freezer to harden lime layer.

Mine was a good two inches and next time I plan to make it closer to 1" wide... I guess I was leaning towards using "cool green for the main color scheme with accents of red." ;)  

2.   Spread a ring of Vanilla Ice Cream inside the lime ring, but make the layer much thinner – maybe 1/2 inch. Use a butter knife to flatten the top, even-ing out the lime with the vanilla. Put pan in freezer to harden again.

3.  Mix the mini chocolate chips into the red sherbet.  (I wasn't able to find red/raspberry sherbet so I bought a berry rainbow and added a bit more red food coloring along with the mini chocolate chips.)

4. Fill the center of the pie with the red/chocolate chip sherbet.

5. Flatten the top of the pie with a butter knife and then freeze.

6. When it’s time to eat, run a knife around the edge of the pan before popping off the outside of the springform pan. Use a nice thin-blade knife to slice.

You can find more ideas for celebrating the feast of St. Anne in the archives!
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  1. This looks awesome! And thanks for the background info, especially about My Name Day..Come for Dessert. Sounds like a great gift idea for a mom!

  2. WOW! I love this Watermelon Pie and maybe I'll try making it this week since my first daughter's middle name is Anne. This ice cream pie reminds me of the ice cream pool cake I made for my daughter's birthday in June. It was easy to make and it was nice to make a cake without baking it :) If you want to check out my pool cake here is the link from my blog:

    God bless and I look forward to continuing to be a follower of your blog!

  3. I love it! A beautiful dessert for St Anne!

  4. Your site is sure ot help us out, inspiring us as we pick up with Saints teas again once I get the hang of being parent to three!

    I love all your sharing and have given you an award for it at