Friday, July 16, 2010

Scapular Cookies for Our Lady of Mt Carmel

This is my fourth year of making scapular cakes for the feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel and I have in turn been greatly inspired by other ladies creations in the last couple of years, so that my creation for each year, changes slightly with the continued inspiration I receive with ladies sharing their edible scapulars.

I was greatly impressed with Jackie Rosario's Children's Scapular Cake this year and I love Ruth's Scapular Brownies from last year. So this year I wanted to mix the two ideas together as well as keeping it simple for myself with very busy days at present. So my scapular cookies are made from store bought chocolate chip cookies and are particularly for mothers who want to whip up something quickly and on the run, rather than putting in the extra time of personal cooking. (Of course you could bake chocolate cookies if you wanted to.)

It was easy and quick to cut a rectangle out of each cookie.

The other nice thing with using cookies, they are nice and flat, very much like the thickness of a good, strong scapular!

I used store bought blue and white icing sugar tubes and black licorice straps. I used a stanly knife, with a very sharp blade for cutting the black straps of licorice into long scapular straps.

This is the image of the Children's Scapular that Jackie Rosario had used, it is a really lovely image for a brown scapular.

I used the blue icing sugar first and drew the 'M' ~ then I used the white icing to place in the 'A' between the M. I found this really easy and not terribly time consuming, I ended up making 12 scapulars and the icing work was not tedious.
...and they tasted fantastic!!
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  1. Love them! I'm hoping Our Lady excuses my lack of participation this year as I'm 3 weeks away from my due date with baby #5 right now. :) I'm getting jealous of all the beautiful creations I am simply not up to making right now.

  2. ah your food is so creative! I simply loveeee it and I cannot wait to start trying these recipes & ideas.

    This is such an easy way to remember our faith on a daily basis and to strengthen Catholic values in the family!

    Thank you so much!
    May God bless,

  3. These taste...I mean LOOK delicious!

  4. Perfectly beautiful for Our Lady! What an inspiration! Your work is awesome!

  5. How Perfectly Beautiful!

  6. Love this idea and I love the easy part! Beautiful tribute to Our Lady and thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow, God Bless you! This is the most amazing idea of a cookie I ever witnessed! I so much, look forward to making these soon, God willing! Thanks for Sharing!

    Daughter in Christ,