Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rose Cupcakes

I recently ran across the directions for making these adorable rose cupcakes at Family Fun and decided to add them to our celebration of St. Therese's feast day this year. Even though they were simple to make, they did take a bit of time. Nevertheless, it was totally worth it and they turned out so cute!

Since this recipe only makes 12 mini cupcakes, and therefore uses very little cake batter, I ended up baking the rest in two round 8" pans for our Rose Petal Coconut Cake.

Here's what you need:
  • 12 mini cupcakes
  • White icing
  • Scissors
  • 6 rolls of Fruit by the Foot fruit leather in Cherry Rage or strawberry flavor
  • 1 roll of Fruit by the Foot fruit leather in Color by the Foot flavor


Frost 12 mini cupcakes with white icing.

To make a rose, unroll a piece of the cherry or strawberry fruit leather and divide it in half along the wavy perforated middle line. (Note: If their isn't a wavy perforated middle line, cut your own with either a pizza cutter or scissors.)

Take one of the halves and roll up about 5 inches to form the flower's center.

Set the rolled strip wavy side up in the middle of a cupcake.

Continue to loosely wrap the remaining fruit leather around the center at a slight angle until the flower is completed.

Repeat this process for the remaining flowers. (You should be able to get 2 mini roses out of each roll of fruit leather.)

Cut leaf shapes from the wavy edge of the Color by the Foot strip, then tuck the leaves under the roses.

I hope you all have a very blessed feast of St. Therese!

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  1. Those are adorable; the kids would love them!

  2. Very cute. I had plans to pick up fruit leather today for this, but I'd like to do it without the cupcake. I'm still trying to think through whether there is a way to make it work without icing to stick it in.

  3. Lindsay ~ I did make some extras to place on top of our cake, and I made them completely before placing them in the icing and they stayed together just fine. I also thought they would be a nice addition to a cup of tea, sitting on a saucer next to the tea cup (I had ordered some of the St. Therese Tea from Saintly Teas) but I ended up making the cupcakes.

  4. Very cute, we might have to go buy some fruit roll-ups!!

  5. Adorable!! Simply adorable!! Thanks for sharing...

  6. WOW I just found this site and AM SO SO Happy! :) Adding to my favs. :)

  7. Beautiful Jessica! I hope this very speacial feast day was a blessed one for you and your family!

  8. Thank you everyone! We did have a very lovely feast day. =)