Monday, October 6, 2008

Cupcake Rosary

Tomorrow we celebrate the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary.

This feast was originally titled the feast of Our Lady of Victory, since "On Sunday 7 October 1571 combined Christian fleets under Don John of Austria achieved a significant naval victory over the Turks in the Straits of Lepanto. Thousands of Christians were liberated, the Turkish fleet was destroyed, and they suffered their first great defeat at sea. In gratitude to God and Our Lady, Pope Saint Pius V ordered an annual commemoration to be made of Our Lady of Victory. Pope Gregory XIII transferred the feast to the first Sunday of October with the title Most Holy Rosary since the victory was won through invocation of Our Lady of the Rosary. In the reform of the liturgy the feast was returned to its original day." (New Catholic Dictionary)

Awhile back, I ran across a suggestion (I am pretty sure it was from the 4Real Forums) for making a Cupcake Rosary! I thought it was such a great idea, and have been looking forward to giving it a try.

So, in honor of this Feast, we will be meeting a couple other families at the park tomorrow, to Pray the Rosary, color Charlotte's beautiful Our Lady of the Rosary Coloring Page, and eat our Cupcake Rosary!

To make the rosary, I used 6 regular size cupcakes frosted with White Frosting, and 53 mini strawberry cupcakes. I planned on frosting them, but was lazy decided not to after all. For the cross, I just cut one out of brown construction paper, but it would be really cute with a small cross cake, don't you think?

Other variations of the Cupcake Rosary:
  • And these Thy Gifts made one with all regular sized cupcakes.

  • Living Without School made a darling Cupcake Ring.

  • Totus Tuus Family shares a beautiful Cupcake Rosary. I loved the idea of using cupcakes for the cross as well.

  • Mary over at Our Domestic Church has been making the Cupcake Rosary for years and shares a darling picture as well! She made this particular rosary out of mini-muffins. Not only do you not need all those tiny little cupcake liners, it is a healthier option to follow up the desserts from last weeks celebrations!

  • OH!! Don't miss Jamie's Marshmallow and Kisses Rosary!! I *LOVE* it and I know my kids would as well. What a perfect treat to go along with some hot cocoa on a rainy day. We will definitely be using this idea sometime this month!

  • Another option is to make a "Finger Rosary" out of cupcakes. I love the little cross cake that this Catholic mom made. Very cute!

    ~ 2009 ~

(If any of you have made (or make!) a Cupcake Rosary and posted/post about it, I would love to see pictures!! So please feel free to leave your link in the comments--or email me at catholiccuisine[at]gmail[dot]com, and I will add it to the list above!)

I hope you all have a wonderful feast!

Our Lady of the Rosary ~ Pray for Us!

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  1. Jessica, this is wonderful!

    Not that we need more cupcakes around here or anything (!!), but I love it just the same.

    (Maybe we should make ours out of fresh fruit or something, ha! Since it's the Month of the Rosary, I guess I'll have ample opportunity to figure it out!) :)

  2. An alternative to cupcakes (besides fresh fruit! I'd like to see that one!), is to use any small round, hopefully edible, objects--such as M&M's, Skittles, Gum drops, whatever you have on hand and like. Last year, when we were in Brazil, we used mini-meringues. The rosary turned out well. I have pictures, but no blog to post them! Thanks, Jessica.

  3. In June of 2007 our homeschool group had these for our end of school year Mass.

    See a photo here -

  4. Here's a past one of ours -

  5. Thank you everyone for the ideas and links!! Keep them coming, and I will continue to update the post!

    JC~ If you'd like to email me the picture to catholiccuisine[at]gmail[dot]com I can add it to the post! It sounds darling!!

  6. +JMJ+

    Pardon my ignorance, but . . .

    Having made the edible rosary, how does one eat it? Do you start with the cross and work your way through the beads as you would a regular rosary?

    I've only ever made rosaries out of bouquets or balloons, so I've never had to ponder eating one! =P

  7. We made a cupcake rosary this year, but we just tackled a finger rosary of sorts, not the whole thing. I happen to have a small cross cake pan that we use to decorate in white with purple flowers every year for gifts for Easter. It worked out nicely. Here's the link for a picture.

  8. Enbrethiliel ~ You know, I never thought about that. We did as you mentioned, and just started with the cross. With all the children we had here, it didn't take long for it to disappear! :)

  9. We've just made our cupcake rosary, we loved it!!

  10. Here's our cupcake rosary at Castle of the Immaculate:

  11. Wow! All of them look amazing! We did a completely mini cupcake version, cross, medal, and all, and colored frosting to differentiate between the beads. You can take a look over at my page: