Sunday, October 18, 2015

Saint Zélie Martin Cameo in Lace Candy

Marie-Azélie Guerin was an intelligent woman and a hard worker. She had considered becoming religious, but the superior of the Hotel-Dieu of Alençon had discouraged her inquiry outright. Disappointed, Azélie learned the trade of lacemaking. She excelled in it so rapidly that at the age of twenty-two, she set up her own business on rue Saint-Blaise.

To celebrate the canonization of St. Zélie, the Lace Maker, I made some Cameo and Lace Candy!    


Cameo in Lace Chocolate Candy Mold
White Candy Melts
Pink Candy Melts


Melt the white candy melts. Using a small spoon and toothpick, fill each cameo with some of the melted candy, tap gently or use the toothpick to spread the candy and make sure all the air bubbles are removed. Place in refrigerator to harden.  If you'd like to save some time, you can make the candies solid white, or whatever color you choose, and fill the mold completely. 

Melt the pink candy melts. Remove the candy mold from the refrigerator and fill the rest of each mold with melted candy. Place back in the refrigerator to harden.

Gently bend the mold to remove each of the candies. 

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  1. Love them, Jessica! Perfect for the celebration today.

    1. Thanks, Mary! I've loved all your ideas for today too!!

  2. so pretty...thinking of actually having my kids make some for their grandmother for mother's day or her birthday. :)