Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Cupcake Rosary for Our Lady

The following post was submitted by Adoro Te Catholic Home Educators.  You can visit them on Facebook.  The girls in The Little Women’s Hospitality Club did an amazing job creating this Cupcake Rosary for Our Lady! 

Adoro Te Catholic Home Educators of Connecticut capped off their annual end-of-the-year May Crowning with a Rosary. A cupcake Rosary, that is. The 10-12 year old girls in The Little Women’s Hospitality Club (part of Catholic Children’s Clubs) baked dozens of fluffy “beads,” arranged the edible display, and served it to 100 hungry children and their moms.

Each cupcake was adorned with an image stamped in marshmallow fondant. The Hail Mary beads (standard-sized cupcakes) were baked in brown cupcake papers and stamped with a rose cookie mold from The Springerle Baker. The Our Father beads (baked in a Texas cupcake pan *) were stamped with a Greek cross surrounded by a Greek inscription that reads, “May the Blessings of the Lord be upon you.” We used a bread stamp from Prosphora Stamp Central.

The medal centerpiece was stamped with a Madonna and Child icon bread stamp, also from Prosphora Stamp Central, and baked in a Fat Daddio’s aluminum round cake pan. The crucifix was stamped with a Crucifixion springerle cookie mold from House on the Hill. It was baked in a rectangular Fat Daddio’s aluminum bread pan.

*Baking tip: To ensure straight, even crowns on your Texas cupcakes, place one cupcake pan on top of the other. Spray both pans with cooking spray and fill one pan ¾ of the way with batter. Invert the second pan and place it evenly atop the filled pan for baking.

The recipe for the marshmallow fondant can be found here.

Stamping marshmallow toppers: Dust your work surface and the stamp with powdered sugar. Roll out the marshmallow fondant like you would cookie dough. Press the stamp into the fondant, cut out design with a circle cutter, and remove the topper before stamping the next section of fondant. Be sure to dust your stamp every time you stamp the dough.
Use frosting to attach the topper to the cake.

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  1. Prettiest cupcake rosary I've seen! Just lovely...

  2. beautiful work girls! Just lovely.