Nativity Butters

My children love making homemade butter in a mason jar so much that we decided to do it for Christmas this year too. Instead of making an Easter butter lamb, we used our nativity chocolate molds to make butter molds for Christmas dinner. 

 All you need is a mason jar, heavy cream, and a pinch of salt. Be prepared for your arms to get a little sore, but it only takes about 10 minutes of shaking the jar to get butter.

We used the same recipe for our homemade butter...

 Homemade Mason Jar Butter

 Pour heavy cream and a few pinches of salt (and honey or lavender or other flavoring) into the mason jar filling it up 1/2 way or less. 

Screw on the lid very tightly. Start shaking and shaking. Now shake some more. At some point after about 5-10 minutes the cream will have gotten very thick. 

Keep shaking and soon it will separate into a soft butter ball and liquid buttermilk. Transitioning to this point is the hardest part as you will feel like it's a whipped firm mass and not even shaking anymore. Keep shaking though, you are almost there.

 Shake a few more minutes to thicken up the butter ball. Then pour the buttermilk out. Save it in a jar for using later for pancakes, biscuits or baking. 

Then we spread our butter into the nativity molds and let it chill in the freezer for a few hours. 


What a lovely addition to our Christmas dinner table.

Hope you have a blessed Christmas!

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