Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Good Shepherd's Garden Party :: Week Two

Continuing our celebration of the 50 days of Easter with The Garden of the Good Shepherd, our second Good Shepherd's Garden Party is based on the theme "Welcome to the Lord's Table."

Welcome to the Lord's Table Menu Suggestions

Set the Table
Decorate the Chairs
Lamb of God Rolls
Sparkling White Grape Juice
Ice Cream Sundae Bar with Easter Candy Toppings
Honey Butter
Fruit Salad

Charlotte and I both ended up making a modifications to this week's menu (as we encourage you all to do as needed, or just for fun!) to better suit our families as we battle some busy schedules and sickness.

Head over to Charlotte's blog to see the pictures from their

If you'd like, you can then head over to my other blog, to see pictures from our 2nd Good Shepherd's Garden Party.      

Now it's your turn!  How did you and your family celebrate this second week of Easter?  We'd love to see pictures and hear about how you modified our Good Shepherd's Garden Party for your family, or incorporated any of our other ideas (whether you choose daily activities or just one party for the week) into your celebration.   Also, anyone who would like to share food related posts from the Feast of St. George (April 23rd) or the Feast of St. Mark (April 25th) is welcome to join as well!

To Participate:

1. Create a post about your Good Shepherd's Garden Party or activities for the second week of Easter.  (Or any food related posts for St. George and/or St. Mark.)
2. Using the linky below, enter the exact link to your post.
3. Add a link your post, referring back to this post so that others can find the party as well!  (Please feel free to include the Good Shepherd's Garden Party Button if you'd like!)
4. Be sure to visit the links and see how everyone else has been celebrating!
5. The linky will be open until next Monday when we add a new one for Week 3.

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  1. OK, I might try it this week, my 5 year old loves to "plan parties" and she'd love this!

    I have a question though, is the ice cream, the milk?

    We, like Charlotte, have a coughing child and would have to substitute something different, my mind is thinking....

  2. Yes, the ice cream is the milk. :) I'm sure you'd be able to come up with a dairy free option that still ties in "milk!"

  3. Jessica, this is our first year celebrating with the Lenten meals and Good Shepherd parties. Thank you so much for the inspiration. My kids are so excited and look forward to every special meal. It has truly been a blessing!