"A Multitude of Fish" Cupcakes

Today, June 13th, is the feast of St. Anthony of Padua

One of my children's favorite legends about St. Anthony is that of the "multitude of fish" that rose out of the water to listen to him preach.  So, in honor of his feast day today, and since I had leftover cupcakes from making the peacock for our last Garden Party, I decided to decorate fish cupcakes for this afternoon, as we Celebrate the Saints this summer!
No sooner had he spoken a few words when suddenly so great a multitude of fish, both small and great, approached the bank on which he stood. All the fish kept their heads out of the water, and seemed to be looking attentively on St Anthony's face; all were ranged in perfect order and most peacefully, the smaller ones in front near the bank, after them came those a little bigger, and last of all, were the water was deeper, the largest.

As he continued speaking, the fish began to open their mouths and bow their heads, endeavoring as much as was in their power to express their reverence. The people of the city, hearing of the miracle, made haste to go and witness it.

Rainbow Fish Cupcakes


  • Cupcakes
  • Various Colored Frosting
  • M&M's
  • White Frosting (I used Marshmallow slices, cut into circles with a icing tip)
  • M&M's

The directions are pretty self explanatory from the picture, but I just frost the cupcakes with various colors of decorating frosting.  I then added the M&M's - 10 for the scales, two red M&M's for the mouth, and one brown for the eye (which was stuck to a small circle of marshmallow, but white frosting would work perfectly as well).   That's it!

Additional suggestions for celebrating the feast of St. Anthony can be found in the archives!

St. Anthony of Padua, pray for us!   
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  1. Oh, these are so cute! I love the rainbow colors. My kiddos love that story about St. Anthony, too and would get such a kick out these.

  2. You are such a clever girl, Jessica! My husband and I watched the Ignatius Press movie "St. Anthony: The Miracle Worker of Padua" last week and the flying fish scene was great!

  3. I was just thinking these would be fun for fathe's day too, lol! They are so cute!

  4. I sure would like to contribute to your blog as a cook, but I am a Man not a Woman.
    I have a killer Easter Lamb, and a stuffed pork roast, that are heaven sent. I have made these meals for 200 people before.

    I will say that my buddy Laura Pennell says I am the best cook of meats that she has ever met, and that is saying alot since Laura is the best cook I know.

    Jim Dorchak