St. Nicholas Cupcakes

Jamie's super cute St. Nicholas Cake reminded me of the simple and fun "St. Nicholas" cupcakes my children decorated last year at a homeschool get together we attended.  

My children asked if we could make them again this year.  Since we already have a couple other treats for the feast of St. Nicholas, I decided that some gluten free spice cupcakes muffins with cream cheese frosting would work nicely.  We will also make a couple little changes, omitting the mini marshmallow from the "Santa Cap" and adding a white cross to create a red "Miter."


Cupcakes or Muffins frosted White
Chocolate Chips for Eyes
Red Hots or Mini M&M for Nose
Coconut for Beard
Red & White Frosting or Mini Marshmallows for Hat

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!
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