St. Clare Cheesecake

 St. Clare, Virgin
~August 11~
We know that St. Clare became a living copy of the poverty, the humility, and the mortification of St. Francis; that she had a special devotion to the Holy Eucharist, the
  source and summit of Christian worship, life and mission.
In the Eucharistic Liturgy is found every form of prayer. Here we "gather up" the heart, recollecting our whole being under the prompting of the Holy Spirit. (CATECHISM 2711) Here we unite ourselves to Christ as He offers perfect praise and thanksgiving to the Father. Here the Good Seed of the Word is lavishly sown. The Eucharist is the food of faith which strengthens us for the spiritual combat. In the Eucharist, communion with God becomes a reality cherished in adoring silence. Is it any wonder that the Seraphic Mother did all she could to foster devotion to the Eucharistic mystery?

In honor of St. Clare, try making this simple and quick
"St. Clare Cheesecake"
{Adding the design of a monstrance to the face}
8 oz cream cheese (softened)
1/3 Cup sugar
1 Cup sour cream
1 tsp. vanilla
8 oz. whipped topping
Graham cracker crust (I prefer the large 10 inch size)

Cream softened cream cheese and slowly add sugar.  Mix in sour cream and vanilla.  Fold in whipped topping.  Beat with electric mixer for about 2 minutes until smooth.  Pour into graham cracker crust.  Design your own monstrance on the face of the cheesecake!  I used gold sparkle gel icing. (You may chill or serve immediately)

O Glorious St. Clare! God has given you the power of working miracles continually, and the favor of answering the prayers of those who invoke your assistance in misfortune, anxiety, and distress. We beseech you, obtain from Jesus through Mary His Blessed Mother, what we beg of you so fervently and hopefully, (mention your petition) if it be for the greater honor and glory of God and for the good of our souls. Amen.
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  1. Mmmm, cheescake! I left an award for you, Jessica, because your blog ALWAYS makes me hungry! Thanks for all you do!

  2. ooo - i was thinking the monstrance was "carmel" ;)

    that would be yummy!!!!

    i'll have to add that to my liturgical calendar (oh, so many things to PLAN!!!) LOL