Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Shepherd's Garden Party :: Week Six

The sixth week of Easter has just passed, which leaves just one last week as we celebrate the Easter season using The Garden of the Good Shepherd: A Sticker Calendar to Count the Fifty Days of Easter. The Good Shepherd's Garden Party for week 6 was based on the theme "Oh! What a Beautiful City!"

Oh! What a Beautiful City! Menu Suggestions

Pretzel & Cheese Construction Kits
Shirley Temples
Bride Strawberries
Groom Strawberries
Crown Cake

Decorating Ideas

Play the “Hallelujah Chorus” by Handel
Have children decorate “Thrones” for the “Bride and Groom” (Mom & Dad)

Charlotte always makes the cutest Bride & Groom Strawberries!  Not only are they darling, they are delicious too!  You can see the strawberries, along with the rest of her pictures from their Good Shepherd's Garden Party ~ Week 6 over at Waltzing Matilda.

We ended up making a few modifications this week, including making some fun "Thrones" out of Wildberry Acai Toaster Pastries and cookies!  It was so much fun!!  You can see all of the pictures from Our Sixth Good Shepherd's Garden Party over at Shower of Roses.

Now it's your turn! How did your family celebrate this past week?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your celebrations, have a blessed week.

  2. We combined weeks 5 and 6, which worked out well for us.

  3. Fun as always! :)

    Your "thrones" came out wonderfully, Jessica!

  4. The bride and groom strawberries are unbelievably cute--what an easy and great idea!!

    I wish I were blogging when our kids were little; they would have loved all these ideas!

  5. I'm posting late because we were on vacation! We had our 6th party early before we left and now we'll finish up number seven in a few days. We're still loving this and I enjoyed hearing my boys tell Grandma about our Garden Parties on vacation. Jessica, the thrones are awesome!