Good Shepherd's Garden Party :: Week Four

Can you believe it has already been four weeks since Easter?  The weeks are going by so fast!   We are still celebrating the 50 days of Easter with The Garden of the Good Shepherd, and our fourth Garden Party is based on the theme "The Wind and Sea Obey Him."

The Wind and Sea Obey Him Menu Suggestions

Apple or Banana Boats with Pretzel Masts
And Fruit Roll-Up Sails
Net Shaped Pretzels
Goldfish Crackers
Mini Pulled Barbecue Pork Sandwiches
Octopus Candy Cupcakes
“Sea” Water

Decorating Ideas

Pinwheels & Bubbles

*First of all, and most importantly, I'd like to ask you all to keep Charlotte and her family in your prayers as they grieve the loss of their precious little one this past week.  May our most Blessed Mother comfort them during this time of sadness.  

For this week, once again Angie emailed some pictures to share with everyone from her family's Good Shepherd's Garden Party.  Angie says, "This week we enjoyed pineapple boats, blue jello seas with Swedish fish, a real toy net as our tablecloth, and fish with BBQ pork. It was a fun feast, especially with the octopus cupcakes! We had the added blessing of celebrating my 7 year old son's birthday. He was thrilled with the party food!"

I posted pictures from Our Fourth Good Shepherd's Garden Party over at Shower of Roses.

Now it's your turn! How did your family celebrate this past week?

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  1. What a great idea for the jello and swedish fish! Very creative!

    I was just saying to my husband how fast 4 weeks have gone by. Time flies when your having fun with The Good Shepherd! :)

  2. We have been doing the Garden of the Good Shepherd sticker countdown again this year, and we had fun making the fourth Garden Party into our dinner on Saturday! Thanks for the fun ideas!! I know I will come back to them again in future years!

  3. I loved the eyes on the cupcakes!

    Charlotte and her family are in our prayers.

  4. The garden parties have been so much fun. We look forward to them each week now and the children are coming up with some really creative ideas. Thanks to all who share.

  5. I'm continuing my prayers for Charlotte and her family. We kept things simple this week. But I love the jello and swedish fish idea...very cute!

  6. I love all the great ideas and the girls are really wanting to come up with their own ideas. I love it! Our family is praying for Charlotte and her family.

  7. Again, it's so great to know that we are celebrating each week along with all of you other families. I love seeing everyone's creative ideas. My prayers are with Charlotte and her family.

  8. Finally got around to posting pictures this time for the Garden Party. I was also somehow able to visit all of the other blog posts. How creative you all are. It was so fun to see all the different variations of the Leviathan. FUN FUN FUN
    Blessigns to all and thanks for the GREAT ideas!!!

  9. Better late than never ... Mine is finally posted! =)