Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Crowning

A May Crowning has become a tradition in our house and while I like to do it as early in May as I can, it can be done at any time during this month of Mary. I thought I would share some scenes and ideas from today:Our May Crowning tradition is to celebrate the many beautiful titles of Our Lady found in the Litany of Loreto and to pray a Memorare each night for those people who might fall under her patronage through a specific title. You can see one of our past lists here. We sing hymns, crown our three Mary statues and place flowers on our Mary altar. We pray the Litany of Loreto and then enjoy a feast. As for the menu, some old favorites and some new treats were planned and prepared.

~Mother Most Pure Calla Lily Sandwiches~
A variation of these. Peanut butter inside of white bread circles and pinched at one end. A banana segment rolled in yellow sprinkles and a green swizzle stick stem completes the lily nicely.

~Mirror of Justice Bites~
We chose tuna fish (Star of the Sea) on top of Melba toast rounds served on a mirror but you could choose anything since it is the mirror that ties this in. Might I suggest a little cream cheese on the bottom of each bite. Mirrors make very slippery serving trays. Ask me how I know.

~Queen of Martyrs Cake~
I did not make this delicious cake. We picked it up from a local bakery. It is a Strawberry Boston Cream Cake and it is delicious! As my son said, "The red is for the martyrs and the strawberries make it look like a crown." Bingo! I did decorate some sugar cookies with frosting forget-me-nots as part of our decorative theme.

~Tower of Ivory, House of Gold~
Mozzerella Cheese Sticks and Colby Jack cheese cubes.

~Mystical Roses~
Turkey breast roses and cucumber roses. I used the leftover turkey breast from the sandwiches below and a cucumber following these instructions. For some reason that website takes a long time to come up so wait for it. Also, I think Japanese cucumbers have smaller seed pockets. Mine held together only because they were impaled on toothpicks but they did look cool!

~Vessels of Honor~
My kids know that using great-grandma's punch bowl and cups is a huge honor. This year, we used 7Up,vanilla ice cream, and one small box blue gelatin (unsweetened if you can find it) to make our Mary Blue Punch. Stir the 7Up and gelatin together until gelatin dissolves. Pour into punch bowl and float vanilla ice cream clouds on top.

~Morning Star~
Star shaped turkey and cheese sandwiches (because we ran out of Calla Lilly stems). I did serve them with their tops on and a little mayo/mustard mixture on the side.

If you need more information to make one of these I'd be happy to help and I would love to see what a May Crowning looks like in your home!
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  1. Oh, Charlotte, this is wonderful! I had actually looked up Jessica's Lily Sandwiches post last week, thinking to work them into our St. Joseph celebration, but I never got around to them.

    I was planning to put together a special Marian Tea at some point this month... and this is perfect! :) I really love what you have done here, with the titles of Our Lady. Our family really enjoys special celebrations like these, and we will definitely be giving this a try!

  2. What a great Marian party for May - I love, love, love your ideas. We do the Litany, too, and focus on crafts/activities for many of the different titles. It is great to add in food ideas as well. Thanks.

  3. The blue tablecloth and dishes are perfect and so pretty :)

  4. I simply love your blog! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics!

  5. I just found this blog a minute ago, and I'm already in love! I can't wait to do more exploring! -Sarah

  6. I just found your blog today, and I am sooooo excited!!! I will be back often :-)

  7. Hi! I was so excited to find your blog!! Those Calla Lily Sandwiches are AMAZING and so creative! Thanks for all the great ideas! Might have to go make a few now...:)