Teatime Suggestions for Lent and Easter

Alice Gunther, author of the wonderful book Haystack Full of Needles, A Catholic Home Educator's Guide to Socialization, shares some inspiring and symbolically rich suggestions for "Teatime" on her blog Cottage Blessings.  She has a few "Teas" for the Lent and Easter season which I plan to serve my children this year.  Alice has made it very easy to implement by including menu suggestions, recipes, reading suggestions, and even shopping lists! 

Here is her first Lenten Tea Menu.  This menu is based on Chapter 14 of the Gospel of Mark and is perfect for Holy Thursday.  The Menu includes the following:
  • Palm on the Road
  • Costly Oil
  • Thirty Pieces of Silver
  • Unleavened Bread
  • Mount of Olives
  • The Cock Crows Twice
  • Gethsemane Figs
  • Judas' Kiss
  • Clouds of Heaven
  • Saint Peter's Tears
Her Second Lenten Tea is perfect for Good Friday and is presented using Chapter 15 of the Gospel of Mark.  This Menu includes:
  • The King's Crown
  • Out of Envy
  • The Purple Cloak
  • The Crown of Thorns
  • Golgotha Eggs
  • The Seamless Garment
  • Two Robbers
  • Vinegar to Drink
  • The Roman Centurion
  • Laid in the Tomb
Then, for Easter, she shares a Joyous Easter Tea.   Unlike the two Lenten Teas, she has loaded this menu "with sweets and treats and even a slice or two of savory ham."  
  • Tea
  • Stone Scones
  • Linen Cloth and Napkin
  • Two Angels
  • The Gardener
  • Peace be with You
  • Receive the Holy Spirit
  • The Twin
  • Thomas' Thumbprint Cookies
  • Many Other Signs and Wonders
I hope you have an opportunity to try out one (or ALL) of these tea's with your families!  I am really looking forward to it myself.  Thank you Alice! Pin It


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