Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lamb of God

This Lamb of God can be made with any suitable (read: yeast) dough. I used a sweet whole grain dough made with eggs, honey, soft white wheat, milk, salt, and oil. This is the same dough recipe I use to make cinnamon rolls or pecan sticky buns (we avoid white flour).


You will need:
  • one half portion of desired dough (I used a sweet wheat dough, the same on I use as a base for yeast cinnamon rolls)
  • 1 raisin
  • egg white glaze (1 egg white whisked with about 1 T. cold water)
  • 2 T. sesame seeds
  • ribbon & bell (optional)
Divide dough into 4 equal portions. Cover three portions and set aside.

On a lightly greased surface, roll remaining dough into a 9x6" oval about 1/4" thick. Cut body of lamb. Transfer to a greased baking sheet (I add a generous drop of lecithin to my oil and rub onto a cookie sheet) Cover and set trimmings aside.

Roll one portion of dough into a 9x1" rope. Cut off a 5" section for the head. Cut a scant 1/2" section for tail. Cut remaining rope into two equal portions for legs. Shape head into oval. Attach to body, overlapping slightly and pinching to seal. Shape and smooth nose area. Flatten top of head slightly. Shape tail and attach to body, pinching to seal. Roll each leg section into a 2 1/2" length. Insert under body, pinching to seal.

Using most of the remaining dough, make 26 1" balls. Arrange over main part of body to within 1/4" of outer edge. Make a 1/2" ball and shape into an ear; attach to head. Make several 1/4" to 1/2" balls from all remaining dough. Arrange smaller balls atop head an between the larger balls on the body. Cover and let rise 15-20 minutes. (Dough will continue to rise during baking).

Cut a lengthwise line in each leg. Insert raisin for eye. Brush lamb generously with glaze. Sprinkle half the sesame seeds over 'fleece.'

Bake in a preheated 375 F oven for 10 minutes. Quickly brush with glaze; recut legs if needed. Sprinkle body with remaining sesame seeds. Bake 15-20 minutes longer or until lightly browned and bread sounds hollow when tapped in the thickest portion (I actually think this makes bread that is too dry and overdone; I prefer to use a meat thermometer. Bread is done when the center of the thickest part registers 190 F). About halfway through baking, cover browned areas
with foil if necessary. Remove from oven and let cool 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack.

Tie ribbon with bell around neck.

Of course, being apart from the secular world, who mistakenly believes Christmas is over, we as Catholic Christians are fortunate to have ELEVEN more days to celebrate! That is more than enough time to whip up a lamb, or two… or even a whole flock of the critters.

If you aren’t inclined to make your own dough, as I have, frozen bread dough will work just fine also.

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  1. This is adorable! We are so impressed that we can't wait to try it. Clever for 12 days of Christmas, too!