Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Recipes for St. George

Tomorrow, April 23rd, is the Feast of St. George.

In addition to Matilda's wonderful dragon cake here are a couple more ideas:
Since St. George is often associated with England, you could even choose an "English" theme! Here is a link to many English recipes... As for our family, I'm thinking we will be having some English Fish n' Chips! Yum!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful feast! And if you have children, don't forget to read Saint George and the Dragon. It's wonderful! Pin It


  1. Thank you, Jessica. We will be going with the cupcakes this year; although, I know that my children would really like the dragon cake. It would rival the pirate cake that I have made a couple of times after reading Peter Pan.

  2. Wow, this is my first time coming over here! Impressive!

  3. We're going with Shepherd's pie :)
    I am seriously considering cupcakes though...

  4. Oh thank you! I just knew when I heard about this blog that it would be a blessing. I so want to incorporate more liturgical ideas into our year for my kids and this blog is really going to help me in this area. Our St. George cupcakes are in the oven as I type this now!