Blessed Solanus Casey Soup & Sandwich

Bl. Solanus Casey, Capuchin friar and doorkeeper who was just beatified in November 2017 will be remembered on the first-ever celebration of his feast day this week, July 30. In the tradition of the Franciscans whose charism is care for the poor, Bl. Solanus had a desire to feed anyone who came to the door of St. Bonaventure monastery in Detroit. "They are hungry; get them some soup and sandwiches," Fr. Solanus was known to proclaim to his fellow friars. In 1929 at the start of the Great Depression Bl. Solanus had the idea to start a soup kitchen down the street from the monastery, where he could send anyone who came to the door looking for food. The Capuchin soup kitchen has a long history of feeding the hungry in that area of Detroit.

A simple soup and sandwich combo would be a fine way to remember the hospitality of this simple man of God. A very simple broth based soup and a peanut butter sandwich would reflect the simplicity of the Franciscan life. Or something cool and refreshing on these often warm summer days such as a cold gazpacho soup and a crispy lettuce, deli meat and cheese sandwich. Mid-summer days are also a great opportunity to take advantage of a fruitful garden harvest with a summer garden minestrone and fresh tomato-basil-cucumber sandwich.

Have it with the family or open your home to friends in the spirit of Franciscan charity or take some sandwiches to distribute to the homeless in your city. Whatever combo you choose, or however you choose to enjoy it, make July 30 a combo soup and sandwich day to remember the generosity and hospitality of this simple wonder-worker priest.
"They are hungry; get them some soup and sandwiches."
Blessed Solanus Casey, Pray for us!
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