Liturgical New Year's Eve Celebration

Happy New Year's Eve! No, not that one - - the eve of the new liturgical year. Several years ago it was suggested to us by a friend that we should celebrate this new year as well. As we begin a new liturgical year on Sunday, the first day of Advent, it is a fun time to recognize the changing of the liturgical year in your homes. Sometimes we have had a party and celebrated with friends, but generally we are more low key but always trying to ring in the new year with something festive like sparkling cider to toast the new year. You don't have to stay up late. Anytime during the day is fine as the new year ushers in with the anticipatory Mass times on Saturday  night.  And you can even celebrate on the first day of the liturgical year (Sunday) instead of the eve. We usually do our toasting the old year and ringing in the new at dinner one of those days.

So here is to a new liturgical year. 

May God bless you abundantly. 
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  1. Interesting take on New Years for the church year. Also....My maiden name was Machado. My mom is Mary too. We are from Texas, btw.