Keys of Heaven Candies

Today is a historic day in the Catholic Church as two popes are canonized.  You can find a number of recipes to commemorate these new saints in the archives including Papal PolentaKremówka Papieska (Papal Cream Cake), and John Paul II Sugar Cookies.  I just finished making some "Keys of Heaven" candies for my children using this Key Mold and Yellow Candy Melts.

St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II, Ora Pro Nobis!

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  1. Jessica~~
    I want to THANK YOU for sharing this lovely idea as well as a few others here in CC!!
    As you know I used your Kremowska recipe last week
    and I also adapted the candy keys as well as the Dove idea for my son's confirmation celebration. I'd love to share with you:
    I linked back to your posts in so doing but wanted to give you a huge thank you for providing such creativity!!
    Happy Mother's Day, Jessica and thank you again!