St. Jerome and the Lion Cupcakes

St. Jerome and the Lion Cupcakes

11 leftover cupcakes from Michaelmas - frosted with a swirl of white and chocolate frosting
1 - 6" yellow cake - I ran out of frosting so I just trimmed off the top and flipped it over
3 Hershey Kisses for the eyes and nose and a little more chocolate frosting for the mouth

Quick and easy! 

Every year on September 30th my children pull our copy of St. Jerome and the Lion off the bookshelf.  This book is currently out of print,  but you may be able to find a copy at the library!  Cay Gibson has an excellent study guide to go along with it in her book Catholic Mosaic.  If you'd like to be entered to win a copy of Catholic Mosaic, hop on over to my other blog, Shower of Roses, and leave a comment!

Happy Feast of St. Jerome! 

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