Monday, August 8, 2011

St. Lawrence Grill Cakes

St. Lawrence 2 
"Sheltered under the name of Jesus Christ, I do not fear these pains, for they do not last long." ~ St. Lawrence
Saint Lawrence 
Deacon & Martyr 
August 10 ~ New & Traditional Calendar
Surrounded by this ill-favored company, the prefect thus addressed the valiant Deacon: "Sacrifice to the gods, or else the whole night long shall be witness of your torments." "My night has no darkness," answered St. Laurence, "and all things are full of light to me." They struck him on the mouth with stones, but he smiled and said: "I give Thee thanks, O Christ."
Then an iron bed or gridiron with three bars was brought in and the Saint was stripped of his garments and extended upon it while burning coals were placed beneath it. As they were holding him down with iron forks, martyrdom-of-st-lawrence
St. Laurence said: "I offer myself as a sacrifice to God for an odor of sweetness." The executioners continually stirred up the fire and brought fresh coals, while they still held him down with their forks. Then the Saint said: "Learn, unhappy man, how great is the power of my God; for your burning coals give me refreshment, but they will be your eternal punishment. I call Thee, O Lord, to witness: when I was accused, I did not deny Thee; when I was questioned, I confessed Thee, O Christ; on the red-hot coals I gave Thee thanks." And with his countenance radiant with heavenly beauty, he continued: "Yea, I give Thee thanks, O Lord Jesus Christ, for that Thou hast deigned to strengthen me." He then raised his eyes to his judge, and said: "See, this side is well roasted; turn me on the other and eat." Then continuing his canticle of praise to God: "I give Thee thanks, O Lord, that I have merited to enter into Thy dwelling-place." As he was on the point of death, he remembered the Church. The thought of the eternal Rome gave him fresh strength, and he breathed forth this ecstatic prayer: "O Christ, only God, O Splendor, O Power of the Father, O Maker of Heaven and earth and builder of this city’s walls! Thou hast placed Rome’s scepter high over all; Thou hast willed to subject the world to it, in order to unite under one law the nations which differ in manners, customs, language, genius, and sacrifice. Behold the whole human race has submitted to its empire, and all discord and dissensions disappear in its unity. Remember Thy purpose: Thou didst will to bind the immense universe together into one Christian Kingdom. O Christ, for the sake of Thy Romans, make this city Christian; for to it Thou gavest the charge of leading all the rest to sacred unity. All its members in every place are united—a very type of Thy Kingdom; the conquered universe has bowed before it. Oh! may its royal head be bowed in turn! Send Thy Gabriel and bid him heal the blindness of the sons of Iulus that they may know the true God. I see a prince who is to come—an Emperor who is a servant of God. He will not suffer Rome to remain a slave; he will close the temples and fasten them with bolts forever."
Thus he prayed, and with these last words he breathed forth his soul. Some noble Romans who had been conquered to Christ by the Martyr’s admirable boldness, removed his body: the love of the Most High God had suddenly filled their hearts and dispelled their former errors. From that day the worship of the infamous gods grew cold; few people went now to the temples, but hastened to the altars of Christ. Thus St. Laurence, going unarmed to the battle, had wounded the enemy with his own sword.  ~ Abbot Gueranger, The Liturgical Year
St. Lawrence is considered one of the most famous martyrs and a powerful witness for Catholic Christians.  He is also the namesake for Dad and Dragonfly.
san lorenzo feast dayBaby G - 86 days old.
We celebrated last year’s feast day with these yummy cupcakes—grill cakes.
st lawrence cupcakes
The cupcakes are semi-homemade.  We added 1 Tbsp of brown sugar and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon to a boxed vanilla cake mix.
We added black food coloring to the butter cream frosting for the grill and charcoal.  (I generally make a full batch of frosting and use it for the following (traditional) feast days, St. Philomena (8/11) and St. Clare (8/12).  For this step, you could use gel food coloring instead of the dyed frosting.
The following sweets were used for the barbeque.
Kebabs - Slice a  caramel cream and red, yellow, and green Jelly Bellies (or any other candy fruitJOYfilledfamily SL cupcakes slices).  Place sliced candies on a toothpick (skewer)
Pork chop - Mold caramel cream candy.  Using a toothpick, add black food coloring.
Hot dogs - Apply black frosting/food coloring with a toothpick to the Hot Tamales.
Inspiration for these cupcakes was found here.
"Who would not gladly burn one hour with St. Lawrence, to escape the fire of hell?" ~ St. Augustine
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  4. Just wanted to say thanks for a great idea and share with you the link of the "grill cake" I made as a result.
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