Blessed*Mary Mother of God*Brownies

Happy New Year
*Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother Of God*

The fleur-de-lis with its three petals
united by a single stem has embedded in its
emblematic symbolism Mary's own
supernatural relationship to the Holy Trinity:
Mary is the daughter of the Father,
the Mother of the Son,
and the bride of the Holy Spirit.
(Magnificat, December 2010)

This beautiful symbol inspired me to make a decorative stencil
for this feast day treat!
Fleur-de-lis symbol to trace
(I used an ornament)
File Folder
Exacto Knife
Brownie Mix
Edible Pearl Dust
(Or Powdered Sugar)

After baking the brownies and letting them cool,
I gently placed the stencil over the brownies:
I applied the edible pearl dust with a small paint brush.
This was the result after removing the stencil:
This was incredibly easy and fun to do!
*It has gotten my wheels turning about what other fun designs to create and decorate with stencils*
"The Blessed Virgin's womb remains for ever fruitful.  
Mary leads us to Christ,
but Christ leads us back to his Mother,
for without Mary's maternity,
Jesus would become a mere abstraction to us.
The Lord wills us to 'let his face shine upon' us through
the face of the Mother of God.  
We serve a Mother who seems to grow more beautiful
as new generations rise up and call her blessed."
~C.K. Chesterton~
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