Decorating with Heraldry

Heraldry has been defined as the art of blazoning, assigning, and marshalling a coat of arms. I mention it because I recently explored the website, World of Heraldry, which contains a wealth of images for coats-of-arms depicting St. Martin of Tours. Apparently St. Martin is one of the most popular saints used in heraldry. We used the shield images for several feast day crafts and decorations. Catholic Cuisine contributors in the past have used a coat-of-arms to make decorative picks for cupcakes or other treats (Pope Benedict's Coat of Arms Cupcakes).

We did the same today for our brownies, using the variety of images of St. Martin of Tours from the heraldry site. We thought that they really looked like heraldry banners. There are many other saints in the coats of arms on the site. It would be a great place to look when you want to liven up a cupcake or other treat for a feast day.

Upcoming November saints that have images on the heraldry site:

St. Elizabeth of Hungary (November 17)

St. Catherine of Alexandria (November 25)

St. Andrew (November 30)

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