Friday, October 1, 2010

St. Therese's "Shower of Roses" Chocolates

This past weekend I hosted a little baby shower for my friend Amy, who recently had a darling little baby girl. Since one of her daughter's patron saints is St. Therese, and since the feast of St. Therese was coming up so soon, I thought it would be fun to have a "Shower of Roses" for her little one.  I only had a couple weeks (which were already quite busy) to plan the shower, but even though I had to keep it simple, it turned out to be a lovely afternoon.

I ended up being able to make little favors for all the guests which I thought I would share here with you all...

"Shower of Roses" Chocolates


Wilton Cross & Bible Candy Mold  (This only has two small crosses, so you might want to opt for a mold like this one...)
Candy Melts in various colors
Clear Treat Bags
Ribbon and Favor Boxes (optional) 

I also created a Novena Rose Prayer Card to include, which can be downloaded here and printed onto card stock.


Melt Candy according to directions.  Spoon into mold and refrigerate until set.  

Remove Candy from molds. 

While we were at it, we also made some beautiful Rosebuds and Rose Lollipops using this mold

Place one cross and two roses into each clear treat bag and tie with ribbon. 

I placed each bag of Chocolate into a little favor box (I purchased 16 for just $2.00 at the Dollar Store) with the homemade Novena Rose Prayer Card.  

You can find lots of other ideas for the feast of St. Therese in the archives.

I hope you all have a very blessed feast of St. Therese!  
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  1. beautiful creation.
    pax - lena

  2. gorgeous. Happy special feast day to you. Saying a little prayer for your family today.

  3. It was wonderful!!! Thank you Jessica!!!!!!

  4. These are absolutely beautiful!!!
    and extreamly easy, thank you

  5. OMgoodness you are awesome! I'm going to subscribe to this blog - would you recommend any other blogs where I could look up Catholic traditions in the home and for the family?

  6. Any of the contributors blogs, listed in the top right sidebar, would be a great place to start! Hope that helps!